Actual Transparent Window 8.12.1

Actual Tools - 8.0 MB ( Commercial Trial)

Actual Transparent Window is an app that allows you to set the transparency level of any Windows window from 0 to 100% (solid to completely transparent).

Actual Transparent Window offers a tool that gives a touch of originality to your windows by playing with the opacity and transparency of them. From a scale of 0 to 100%, you can play on the transparency of your windows and set them at will. Transparency effects are very impressive and can be useful for objects like the Windows taskbar, WinAmp, pull-down menus and other windows. You can apply the same settings to multiple windows or configure them separately or keep transparency in the foreground or background. Actual Transparent Window saves all your settings so you only need to establish transparency once for each window.

Actual Transparent Window 8.12.1
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8.0 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Commercial Trial
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23 Apr 2018
Actual Tools
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Windows x64: In some rare cases applications might crash.
Title Buttons, Windows 10: In some applications extra buttons looked and located incorrectly when dragging an application window between monitors with different DPI resolutions (from lower to higher).
Title Buttons, Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: In some applications glyphs on extra buttons looked too large on monitors with high DPI resolutions.


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