Audiograbber 1.83

Audiograbber - (Freeware)

Audiograbber makes copies of audio CD tracks without going through the sound card.

Audiograbber is a software utility that allows to copy an audio CD tracks digitally, the result being a perfect copy of the original. The software copies audio tracks contained in an audio CD for transfer to a sound file without going through the sound card. By default, the extraction format is WAV but the software can use encoders for file types MP3, OGG or WMA During the extraction of a track, the volume can be balanced.

During extraction, it is possible to make some adjustments to the tracks to copy. Include balancing volume, silence suppression at the beginning and end of each track, etc.

AudioGrabber automatically search for information about the extracted files and downloads from Free dB such as songs, artists, etc.

To obtain better compression quality, user can download an external encoder, such as Blade.

Audiograbber 1.83
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1.6 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
25 Jan 2006
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- An official Intel Mac version is now available.
- Fixed bug in Generate Silence which caused it to apply to all tracks instead of just the selected ones.
- Mac OS X: audio device opening code has been rewritten. First, it is much more conservative about changing device settings; it will not change settings when you open the program or close the preferences dialog anymore, and it will not change the settings when you begin playback/recording if the current settings are adequate. When it does change the settings, it should work much better on devices such as the Griffin iMic, ART USB Phono Plus, and Ion iMX02 USB.
- Mac OS X: added new Audio I/O preference that lets you tell Audacity to never change any audio device settings.
- Newer libsndfile supports FLAC import and export
- Updated soundtouch to current version which is faster and better quality
- Modified configure script prefers system libraries to local copies to reduce compilation times and memory usage.
- Minor updates to help files.
- New or updated translations: Bulgarian (bg), Galician (gl), Traditional Chinese (zh_TW), Simplified Chinese (zh), Slovenian (sl), Swedish (sv), Bangladeshi (bn), Slovakian (sk), Romanian (ro), Lithuanian (lt), Welsh (cy), and Turkish (tr).


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