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Comodo Internet Security is a complete security solution for any computer user that wants to be safe when working or surfing the internet.

Comodo Internet Security is a powerful complete security software solution that prevents viruses from reaching your machine by providing it with greater security when you surf the Internet or on a removable disk.

Comodo Internet Security automatically detects the presence of a virus on the computer. It blocks malware default so that only safe files will execute. It still keeps the user informed about the suspicious files. In addition, an automatic update is made possible through the firewall feature to ensure maximum protection of the computer.

The application is designed to eliminate the hostile software already entered or executed in just three spets: detecting, blocking and destroying them

While the interface is rather clear and accessible, Comodo Internet Security has all the same advanced configuration menus allowing users the most enlightened tune their level of protection.

Comodo Internet Security
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5.3 MB
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Date Added:
16 Mar 2018
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Now Rating Scan should be detecting untrusted certificates.
In case you are updating Operating System from non-Windows10 Operating System to Windows10 OS, CIS will auto update drivers to Windows 10 compatible drivers without requiring user's intervention. Same will be done by updated Comodo Secure Shopping v1.3.442656.138.
Updated Comodo Secure Shopping v1.3.442656.138 is compliant with HVCI feature, which is disabled by default in Windows RS4.


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