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DVD Shrink makes backup of DVD discs offering edit option for modifying files as desired.

DVD Shrink is a software specially designed for the extraction and storing of DVD content. This software can be used in conjunction with DVD burning software to make a backup copy of any DVD video. The result from DVD Shrink is saved as files on the hard drive and user can burn them onto a DVD using burning software, such as the software provided with the DVD burner.

DVDShrink can edit the content of a DVD so that it takes in less than the original space. To do this, DVDShrink can delete chapters (eg bonus), crop video (removal of a portion of the film), remove audio tracks, remove subtitles or re-compress the video changing the compression ratio.

Any manipulation takes place via a wizard so that it is simple to navigate. The software continuously displays the final file size by updating it as and when changes.

In the end, the extracted files are copied from the DVD to the hard disk, read directly with a "player" without imposing DVD burning.

DVD Shrink
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21 Aug 2020
DVD Shrink
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