LeechGet LeechGet 2009 Version 2.1

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Fast, comfortable and powerful download manager, LeechGet provides all the useful functions for faster downloading files from the Internet.

LeechGet is a software developed to help users to manage downloading files online, to recover large files, supporting customized settings and download planning.

LeechGet is used to accelerate the download speed. Even if it supports downloading any type of file, it is especially useful for retrieving large files. The app integrates with Internet Explorer, which means that it automatically detects and recovers the download link and will open it in the browser.

When it happens that the current download is interrupted due to a power failure or connection, LeechGet detects the source file and resumes the download where it was last time. Apart from the download LeechGet can also handle the transfer of files to websites, blogs or servers using the FTP client. This tool is easy to configure and supports the use of a proxy.

LeechGet is software that can be used to start an automatic download at a specific time or after regular intervals of time.

LeechGet LeechGet 2009 Version 2.1
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Non-Commercial Freeware
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11 Feb 2009
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After a long time, a new LeechGet version is final and released. LeechGet 2009 Version 2.1 provides a lot more features, a sophisticated Download Engine and the possibility to control Bandwidth usage through "Download Profiles".


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