ManyCam Free 6.5.0

ManyCam - 60.9 MB ( Freeware)

Brighten up video chats through the addition of special effects in real time with this great application called Manycam.

Manycam is a tool for managing a webcam that is usable on multiple. It allows to enhance the video broadcast from the webcam. In fact, when the webcam is used in a private chat or even a discussion group, user can add animated pictures, small visual effects, background colors, text or date and time in the box visual. User can order different animations directly from his communications software.

ManyCam offers a wide range of effects from the simplest to the most complicated. The "object" tab allows superimposing an Avatar mask, and movable objects with a single click. The mobile or fixed set background (sky, sunset, waterfall) "background" option attached to the image.

The "Effects" allows distorted images, changing colors, applying distorting lenses, or other flames and snow effects.

The application also allows to change the eyebrows, eyes, hair, faces and hats. All adapting in real time according to the position and movements of the face.

This tool is compatible with the software of the most popular communication such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger.

ManyCam Free 6.5.0
File Size:
60.9 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
01 Aug 2018
MD5 Checksum:

Driver improvements:
Added Metro App support.
Added YUV color space support.
Improved scaling quality.
Improved cropping logic.
Added a few more resolutions (2K, 4K).
Improved visibility for business applications.
Client improvements:
Added free Picture-in-Picture mode.
Added Sync Offset feature for web camera source.
Added ability to rename default video driver.
Added QSV decoder for IP cameras.
Resolved several crashes.
Bug fixes and stability improvements.


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