Password Safe 3.26

Rony Shapiro - (Open Source)

Password Safe is a simple application that manages the passwords in a database offering access to them by providing only a master password.

Password Safe allows you to manage all your passwords and user names safely and only having to remember one master password. It brings all the passwords in a database and the storage is completely secure because the data is encrypted.

This way the user does not have to keep the passwords written on papers, keeping them exposed. It also helps him to have individual password for each application that requires it because having one password would compromise the security of the documents, email accounts, bank accounts, work etc.

Editor's review:

Password Safe is your passwords guardian offering a very convenient way to store and manage your passwords especially if you are dealing with many important accounts that requires remembering passwords. It is advisable to keep in mind all your passwords but if the number of your password overcomes your memory, keeping in mind just ONE master password that offers the access to the rest of your password is a great solution.

Password Safe Editor's pick - Excellent software What we like:

- It is simple and lightweight;
- It secures all the passwords that you need to keep in mind;
- Its purpose is very useful especially when it comes to handle a huge amount of accounts that use passwords - you only have to keep in mind one password;
- It has a clear layout being very easy to use.
Our suggestion:

We suggest to the developer to add to the application the possibility to:
- offer the possibility to select multiple entries simultaneously;
- work on more operating system as at the moment it only works on Windows OS.
We also have a suggestion for the user: not to reveal the master password because all your secured passwords will become unsecure - but this is up to you.

Password Safe 3.26
File Size:
10.8 MB
Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / XP64
Open Source
Date Added:
02 Jul 2011
Rony Shapiro
MD5 Checksum:

# New Features
- Autotype has been added to the DragBar. Drag the image to an input area on another Window (e.g., Browser) and PasswordSafe will begin Autotype from there.
- User can now toggle between read-only and read-write modes via a menu item or by double-clicking on the current R-O or R/W indicator in the Status Bar.
- The displayed language can now be changed via the new Manage->Change Language menu.
- Add/Edit now displays both the Application's (PasswordSafe) and the current database's default Autotype string (if set via Manage->Options).
- The user can specify the list of symbols valid for password generation, and can override this for any particular entry (except when EasyVision or Pronounceable passwords are chosen).
- Added Autotype code "s" to send "Shift+Tab" (back tab).
- Allow user to control copying of the password to clipboard when performing "Browse to URL" via an option in Options->Security. This is a database option i.e., you can have different setting for different databases.
- Support importing of TXT, CSV files and XML exported from KeePass V1 and KeePass V2 XML files. Note that KeePass V2's export in the V1 format is does not conform to their own format as specified by their V1 product and can not be imported. Please review our Help file for the settings in KeePass required during their export.

# Changes to Existing Features
- New image on start-up dialog - courtesy of user Prinz_Eugen.
- Polish installation texts added thanks to Michal Niklas.
- An entry's password expiry date is set or cleared directly rather than using the Set and Clear buttons after changing values.
- The default password generation policy is now for 12 character passwords that include symbol characters (previous default was 8, no symbols).
- Unknown database header fields and unknown entry fields are no longer exported when a database is exported to XML as there is no mechanism to re-check them during import. Exporting to XML and then importing to a new database can be used to remove these unknown fields.
- Date time fields, when exported to XML, now are in the W3C dateTime standard format instead of PasswordSafe's. This release can import XML files with date time fields in either of these forms. The next release will only be able to process the W3C standard.
- Fully support importing of TXT files exported from KeePass V1 including the Group Tree structure, URL and date time fields. Please review the online help for more details.

# Bugs fixed
- Users can no longer select an entry via the System Tray icon's Recent Entry menu if the display has not been restored after minimize or unlock.
- User preference changes are now correctly saved. This includes allowing user to change database preferences when the database is read-only.
- Filters with quotes in their name are now correctly exported, imported and displayed in the Manage Filters dialog.
- Export XML, export Text and the export of filters functions now process file names and paths containing non-Latin characters. In addition, missing directories in the specified path are created as neeeded.
- PasswordSafe no longer exits if the command flag is set to "-s <databasename>".
- The correct entry in List View is now used for Autotype when using the keyboard to select the entry when PasswordSafe first opens.
- Controls in Edit are now disabled if entry is protected.
- Compare databases now correctly compares the 'Protect' and password policy 'symbols' fields of entries.


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