Password Safe 3.41

Rony Shapiro - ( Open Source)

Password Safe is a simple application that manages the passwords in a database offering access to them by providing only a master password.

Password Safe allows you to manage all your passwords and user names safely and only having to remember one master password. It brings all the passwords in a database and the storage is completely secure because the data is encrypted.

This way the user does not have to keep the passwords written on papers, keeping them exposed. It also helps him to have individual password for each application that requires it because having one password would compromise the security of the documents, email accounts, bank accounts, work etc.

Editor's review:

Password Safe is your passwords guardian offering a very convenient way to store and manage your passwords especially if you are dealing with many important accounts that requires remembering passwords. It is advisable to keep in mind all your passwords but if the number of your password overcomes your memory, keeping in mind just ONE master password that offers the access to the rest of your password is a great solution.

Password Safe Editor's pick - Excellent software What we like:

- It is simple and lightweight;
- It secures all the passwords that you need to keep in mind;
- Its purpose is very useful especially when it comes to handle a huge amount of accounts that use passwords - you only have to keep in mind one password;
- It has a clear layout being very easy to use.
Our suggestion:

We suggest to the developer to add to the application the possibility to:
- offer the possibility to select multiple entries simultaneously;
- work on more operating system as at the moment it only works on Windows OS.
We also have a suggestion for the user: not to reveal the master password because all your secured passwords will become unsecure - but this is up to you.

Password Safe 3.41
File Size:
11.7 MB
Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / XP 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Open Source
Date Added:
28 Nov 2016
Rony Shapiro
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# Bugs fixed:
- Fix crash if Find active when applying a filter, e.g., show entries with expiry dates.
- Ensure shortcut is updated in GUI after editing.
- Text in the Find toolbar search edit control is now vertically centered to reduce character truncation.
- Clicking on a field's name copies the value to the clipboard when adding a new entry (and not only when editing).
- Update password history when Apply is clicked, not only when Edit window's closed.
- No longer show empty groups when the user filters for entries with expired passwords.
- Fix application crash if Add/Edit entry dialog is open when the database is locked e.g. via idle timer, workstation lock etc.
- An invalid or non-existent backup directory path can no longer be saved when exiting Options.
- The virtual keyboard no longer becomes unusable after clicking on the Randomize button.
- The Status bar now shows the correct number of entries when a database is unlocked.
- Fixed regression in command line arguments -h and -u support.
- Copying the unexpanded autotype string on Edit entry screen using Ctrl+click on Autotype label now works.
- Ctrl+F now switches focus back to Find toolbar if it is already open.
- Unnecessary tree view refreshes fixed.
- Empty groups no longer disappear when moving nested groups into them and do not leave duplicated empty groups in the database.
- Saved changes no longer prevent logoff or system shutdown.
# Changes to Existing Features:
- You can no longer change an alias's base entry's password from the alias entry. Instead, you should edit the base entry directly by selecting the alias entry and using the Edit or right-click context menu to select its base.
- The "Show Find Toolbar" has been removed from the View menu as it appears in the Edit menu. Ctrl+F still works as before to show the Find toolbar or transfer focus to it if already visible.
- The font used in the Find toolbar is now set to the user specified Add/Edit font instead of the Tree/List view font.
# New Features:
- New AutoType field '\#' toggles the use of the older mechanism to send keyboard input to other applications e.g. browsers.
- Add more Help to the Add/Edit Basic and Additional tabs.
- Empty groups added but not yet saved are now included when the user filters on unsaved changes.
- Empty groups, whose names satisfy a filter that include tests on group name values, are now included in the display when the filter is active.
- The database backup location now supports environmental variables e.g. %homedrive% and %homepath%. If used, the resulting path is shown.
- Clearing the recent database list now requires confirmation.
- When exporting a group to a new database, there is now an option to also export all filters stored in the database to the new database.
- Autotype has been extended to support the previous password, if present in the entry's password history, via the Autotype field '\q'. In addition, for Windows, a number of keyboard keys are supported by specifying the key between '\{' and '}'.


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