TeraCopy 3.5

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When copying a large file, it is better to use a program like TeraCopy not waste time unnecessarily.

Teracopy is a software utility for copying and moving of files with high speed. This application offers a pause command in the process to increase the resources used for another project, for example. Moreover, in case of error detected copy, TeraCopy will start the process several times and go directly to another file if the document is actually corrupt.

Compatible with any type of file regardless of its size, the software uses the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) , which allows it to significantly speed up the transfer .

Once the copy is complete, the user can display TeraCopy detail copying errors that can take the appropriate action . The software analyzes these errors in calculating the CRC value of the file.

To allow quickly copying the files, Teracopy integrates with Windows Explorer allowing start copying or moving a selected file from the context menu right-click the file.

TeraCopy 3.5
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23 Feb 2021
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