WinSCP 5.13.4

WinSCP - 9.7 MB ( Open Source)

Connect easier to SSH servers for transferring files with WinSCP, a free SFTP and SCP client that is connecting to remote servers securely.

WinSCP is a client for connecting to remote servers securely. The application is able to open SSH sessions with SFTP and SCP. All data circulating on the network will be therefore encrypted for maximum security.

The software interface is very easy to handle since it incorporates the basics of Windows Explorer. WinSCP also includes an editor to edit the files (HTML, PHP, configurations, etc.) directly from the software. It can read the contents of directories, edit or delete files, change permissions on a file or directory, all through the SSH protocol.

SSH is a protocol for secure exchange of information between two computers. SSH can be used to connect from the command line to a remote computer desktop using a program like PuTTY, but this protocol can also be used to transfer files (FTP).

WinSCP 5.13.4
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9.7 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Open Source
Date Added:
03 Sep 2018
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Passing private key to PuTTY when installed from Microsoft Store. Passing also other options that PuTTY can accept on its command-line, like Attempt authentication using Pageant, Allow agent forwarding, Enable compression, SSH protocol version, Logical name of remote host and Internal protocol version.
WinSCP installed from Microsoft Store can be executed from command-line.
Translation updated: Icelandic.
With logging level 1 and higher, printing scripting exit debug information on an output too.
Hidden configuration option to disable running shell operations on a separate thread.
TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2p.
Bug fix: When system theme changes, path labels lose their background color.Bug fix: File mask is not considered when calculating total file transfer size when deleting original files.
Bug fix: When canceling connection, mouse cursor sometimes stay busy.
Bug fix: Relative long paths are not handled correctly.
Bug fix: Error when closing edited/opened files with Keep temporary copies of remote files in deterministic paths option enabled.
Bug fix: It is not possible to open S3 folder from command-line/URL or in scripting when path ends with slash.
Bug fix: File panel columns do not have a width constraints.
Bug fix: Update information window layout is broken in some situations.
Bug fix: Timezone autodetection failed if timestamp of file cannot be retrieved.
Bug fix: Wrong error message when attempting to rename an S3 folder.


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