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Google Talk is a multi-function Internet communication tool that allows both written messages and voice calls.

Google Talk is a software specially designed for instant Internet messages.

It offers the possibility to send or receive text messages in the network of Google. With the help of a plug-in makes it adds the sound and images, which is more user-friendly. The network is based on the open Jabber protocol, so user can use any instant messaging software compatible with this protocol (GAIM, iChat, Psi, Trilian Pro) to connect. User must have a Gmail email account to connect to the network (e-mail address serves as an identifier and the password is the same). Therefore, all the contacts from Gmail are imported directly into the software. It is possible to send instant messages and e-mails to friends, but also to call them in which case, a microphone and speakers connected to the PC are needed.

Google Talk offers a feature that allows to transfer a file from one contact to another. It is possible to send or receive audio files, images or other. This saves time because avoids going through emails or other hosts files.


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