MediaPortal 2.1.1 Team MediaPortal - 93.4 MB ( Open Source)

Managing music, movies , pictures, TV recording, weather forecast etc are all possible with the highly customizable MediaPortal.

MediaPortal is an ideal software product for customizing the computer or TV transforming it into a real multimedia center. The application has all the tools required to listen to a song, watching a video or a DVD, submit a photo album as a slide show, listen to a radio, watch TV, schedule recording a program and start watching while the recording continues (timeshift).

MediaPortal make it possible to launch an external application such as a game, a browser or email program. It is also possible to download recipes online, follow the news with RSS prevalent on the Web and weather forecast.

The interface is very pleasant and fully customizable with a proposed skins, mostly offering several viewing modes although significant when one has many media (especially music). It is also very easy to create interfaces.


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