Nero Kwik Media 12.5.00300 Nero Inc - 185.2 MB (Freeware)

Managing the media files, creating a library and correcting imperfections in the pictures are just a few features that makes Nero Kwik Media a great choice for any user.

Nero Kwik Media is a dynamic media manager that allows the installation of additional programs (free or not) as needed.

Nero Kwik Media can create a library, making it easier to find media files either pictures, music or videos. It also provides the possibility to import files on the internal hard drive or from the CD.

The application provides tools for reading and some editing playlist or create slideshows or a module engraving tools. Other services can expand the type supported (blu-ray) files, customize slideshows (themes), or integrate other tools in Nero editor.

Nero Kwik Media includes a tool that can correct defects on multimedia files including imperfections in the pictures. In addition, it can make the removal of unwanted parts.


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