ObjectDock 2.20 Stardock - 19.8 MB ( Commercial Trial)

Object Dock is a dynamic bar which can manage all the shortcuts.

ObjectDock bar is an almost perfect replica of Aquadock available with Mac OS X. Customizable, functional , lightweight and free, this software is actually a dynamic task bar, where user can place his most used shortcuts. The passage of the mouse, the icon grows with a magnifying glass effect.

For those whose memory is a precious commodity , developers have thought of everything. A "performance" function allows you to adjust the RAM consumption based on your needs, check the option "I have 256MB of RAM or less, i need every bit." Against by those who have memory no longer know what to do can use the "I paid for this RAM, please use it."

A set of varied and well appointed themes are available. A calendar icon and an icon "Weather" to customize indicating the city and the country are also available.

The software is fully customizable, allowing to adjust the size of icons, grouped into categories, choose a theme, adjust the transparency of the background, the location of the dock on the screen, the effect applied to mouseover and more. Note that the dock can also be configured to stay on top of the screen.


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