The Gimp 2.8.22 The GIMP Team - 85.4 MB ( Open Source)

Process or edit an image is not easy if user do not have the skill unless it is used the right tool and The Gimp is a smart choice for anybody that need to do this.

The Gimp is a graphic program and one very powerful photo editing. It includes all the tools needed to create drawings and all filters to correct and improve a shot. GIMP can be used by users of various levels as a paint program, an advanced photo editing program, a batch system, a format converter, etc The application has an intuitive interface, a display mode in one window and quickly accessible controls. A module layer organization also facilitates the implementation and the creation of complex compositions.

The number of tools, brushes and filters is impressive and will not disappoint Photoshop users. With a little practice, everything is in great.

The plug-in screen capture integrated into "file - create" allow the creation of a "screen shot" including the mouse cursor.


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