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To avoid damaging the CD or DVD due to the intensive use, Alcohol 52% creates virtual copies of CDs to run on an equally virtual drive.

Alcohol 52% is a free software that can create virtual copies of CDs to run on an equally virtual drive, which eliminates the need to systematically insert a CD to run a particular software or speeds up load times.

The interface is primarily based on a side panel in Windows XP, to create images from a physical disc and virtual drives to mount. The software manages the creation of 6 different units and it can handle up to 31 players simultaneously.

The application supports a variety of formats: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, CD-ROM, Video CD, Multi-session, etc. Audio discs are also supported.

Virtual drives also offer a faster reading speed. They can reach a velocity of 200X , knowing that the real materials are usually 48X.

Alcohol 52%
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Non-Commercial Freeware
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18 Aug 2014
Alcohol Software
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- MDX, ISZ image file format for burning
- Remove online help from installation package to save download time. download can be downloaded after help menu item selected if required.
- More Drives supported
- Firewall setting to add filter for public/private network for all versions after Vista
- Add Sharing icon in main window.
- Better manufacturer detection for BD-R/BD-RE media discs in DVD/CD Manager
- More drives supported
- MDS not listed as first supported image format
- Problem with iSCSI Initiator bug
- systemtray icon hidden after setting it to "Always Show"
- Refresh button on Image Making Wizard and Copy Wizard


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