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3D modeling and computer graphics are very well done using Blender software, a program that offers a suite of tools for extended creation possibilities.

Blender is a complete suite to create images and animations synthesis. It brings together in a stable and modern interface, powerful tools for modeling, animation and rendering of high quality.

With Blender software, even individuals can get started 3D modeling. As an illustration, the application has advanced 3D modeling functions such as UV unfolding, 3D sculpture, rendering and non-linear editing.

The software supports the creation of objects based on simple shape, NURBS , Bezier curves and other B -spline that will be combined by Boolean operations.

The software is not only for modeling 3D images, it also allows user to create fun little 3D animations which allows to define paths for objects and apply deformations (morphing) using the appropriate skeleton.

Blender produces realistic 3D images. The model image is successful if the program is used adequately. It also supports more than 2000 image formats.

Blender 2.78b
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08 Feb 2017
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