Calibre 3.22.0 64-bit

Kovid Goyal - 66.3 MB ( Open Source)

Calibre is a simple and comprehensive e-books manager application that makes it easy to organize your library.

Calibre is an intuitive and comprehensive e-books manager software that simplifies the organization of library information and integrates a fast and efficient converter. It allows you to view your e-books, sort them using different criteria, convert them - individually or in batch, edit their metadata and retrieve information from the Internet, having also full support for the management of the table of contents, bookmarks, CSS and more. Additionally, the application offers a complete module for synchronizing your library with some e-books readers such as Sony PRS, Cybook Gen Booken, Amazon Kindle, iPhone, etc. The application now has an RSS feed aggregator to follow the news and convert to e-book format - EPUB, LRF, HTML, LIT, MOBI, PRC, AZQ, AZW1, TPZ, TXT, RTF, PDF, SNB, CBZ, CBR, CBC, ZIP, RAR. Calibre supports the majority of e-book formats. You can freely access your collection of e-books online by using the EWS, having the possibility to send books and download others. The compatibility of the software with smartphones optimizes downloading books for mobile devices. Using keyboard shortcuts, you can use Calibre without ever touching the mouse. Just press the D key to send the selected books to the device you have connected to your computer, or press C to convert them to other formats. To read it right on your computer, just press V.

Calibre 3.22.0 64-bit
File Size:
66.3 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Open Source
Date Added:
20 Apr 2018
Kovid Goyal
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New features:
Edit book: Add a tool to upgrade books from EPUB 2 to EPUB 3 (Tools->Upgrade book internals).
Add support for the FBZ format (zipped FB2).
Kindle driver: Change the height of generated thumbnails to 500px, needed for the Oasis 2017.
Edit book: When bulk renaming files add an option to rename by the order in which the files appear in the book.
Polishing: Recognize titlepages that are marked as covers in the EPUB 3 landmarks section.
Edit Book: Automatically updated the modified timestamp in the OPF when saving EPUB 3 books.
Remove the ISBNDB metadata plugin as ISBNDB no longer allows free lookups.
Bug fixes:
EPUB 3 metadata: If the book defines more than one author sort value for an author use the first instead of the last.
Check Book: Dont warn for nav document not in spine in EPUB 3 books.
Linux installer: Fix umask question not working with the recommended install command because stdin is a pipe.
Browser viewer: Show an error message when trying to use the Sync function without being logged in.
When setting cover from a PDF file and the user clicks cancel, do not delete the existing cover.
New news sources:
Le Monde: subscriber paper edition by Remi Vanicat.
Improved news sources:
Globe & Mail.
National Geographic.


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