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Dreamweaver® is an essential software for creating and editing websites, being up to date to the modern web standards in the same time.

When it comes to create or edit website, Adobe Dreamweaver is an excellent tool to do this. This software helps design mobile websites and unparalleled applications in code. It is addressed to different kinds of users, from beginners to experienced motivated encoders or for novice website developers that want to build their first site without having to edit HTML code or write extensive CSS stylesheets.

This software is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) type, that is to say that what you see in the window Dreamweaver design, graphic design mode, the result is that you actually get on the screen. You no longer have to knoledge of programming languages ​​to create a website, although it is always better to have knowledge. According to their preferences and level, however, it is possible to choose between three types of mode of creation: a graphics mode where everything is done without touching the code, a shared mode where the window is divided into two parts, one is graphic and the other shows the corresponding code, the last mode is the source code where you only see the code of the site you are about to edit.

Dreamweaver course uses the latest standards and web programming languages ​​to date (HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, etc..). The many features allow you to manage your creations from A to Z. It allows you to create simple sites as more complex, integrating CSS styles, manage your site with the software, among other FTP for direct up-to-date files on the server when you change elements your site, etc.. In addition, interaction with other products and productions Adobe range, such as Flash, you guarantee integration, compatibility and seamless operation.

On its new, Dreamweaver CS5 integrates CMS support, ie a content management system as well as an inspection tool and a CSS Adobe Browser Lab function. In addition, you can now configure your websites very quickly even in the case of multiple servers in multi-tiered environments and networking.

Dreamweaver CS5.5
Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Commercial Trial
Date Added:
25 Jul 2012
Adobe Systems Inc
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- New foobar2000 application icon.
- foobar2000's volume slider is now synchronized with Windows Mixer application volume slider on Windows Vista and newer.
- Progress of various operations is now displayed on Windows 7 taskbar.
- Fixed various freedb related bugs; freedb support works again.
- Fixed 1.1.1 regression with Media Library configuration reset when upgrading from versions older than 1.1.
- Fixed 1.1.1 regression with Media Library being stuck in “initializing” state if foobar2000's portable installation files are inside one of the watched folders.


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