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GOM Player offers an interesting alternative to players.

GOM Player, as its name suggests, is a software program specially designed to play media files. It is compatible with all major codecs and formats : DivX , WMV , AVI , 3GP, MP4 or MKV, being very easy to handle. Its simple and customizable interface has many different skins available which are all elegant without being austere. Shortcut keys are available to facilitate handling.

The software offers many display options: change the aspect ratio (4:3 , 16:9, 1.85 , 2.35), Pan and Scan for allergic users with black bands, picture settings, equalizer is also present and a screenshot module.

It also has a detection system that prevents user from seeking the missing codec when he is unable to read video. Besides the many settings of the video, audio, subtitles and skins to customize the player, the application is also able to read the files that user is downloading.

The image capture from a video is also on the agenda. Just in this case to capture an image and paste it into an image editor, like Paint. After that, it remains to be saved in the desired format.

GOM Player
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31.5 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
19 Sep 2016
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Add five national languages: Portuguese, Deutsch, Italian, Turkey, French.
- Support for stereoscopic video playback separate up / down of the local video.
- Support for 360-degree Video's subtitle.
- Support for 360-degree photo playback.
- Add playable DVD-types, and improved the performance.
- Support for interworking LG R1 (VR Headset).
- Add a pause function of the swf file.
- miscellaneous corrections and changes.


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