K-Meleon 75.0

K-Meleon - ( Open Source)

K-Meleon is a light and free customizable browsing solution.

K-Meleon is a fast and light free customizable web browser based on the Mozilla's Gecko engine. It occupies little memory when running, its loading being almost instantaneous.

The browser offers tabbed browsing, the ability to navigate in history with just one mouse movement, plugins, skins or blocking pop ups, all within a relatively pleasant and minimalist interface.The application can also be customized by modifying the contents of the menus and toolbars, and assigning keyboard shortcuts, but also by changing the color theme.

Some significant improvements are present, such as " privacy " bar that blocks in one click javascript , popups, or flash animations, the ability to create groups of tabs or impersonate another browser as proposed Opera . Some plugins are supplied as standard , including a RSS feed aggregator . Others are available on the website of the software, even if their number is not equal to that of Mozilla or Firefox.

K-Meleon 75.0
File Size:
26.1 MB
Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / Windows7 64 / Windows8
Open Source
Date Added:
24 Jun 2015
MD5 Checksum:

# New
- Mozilla 31 backend.
- New skin and toolbar implementation
- Spellcheck
# Improved
- Improved sessions storage
- New JsBridge?/macros functions
# Fixed
- Add: macro functions
* addtoolbar,addbutton,removebutton,
* enablebutton,checkbutton,setbuttonimg,
* setcmdicon,settimer,killtimer,
* addperm,fileexists,popupmenu,logmsg
- Add: Jsbridgge functions
* AddButton, RemoveButton
* GetCmdList, RegisterCmd, SetCmdIcon, SetAccel
* LoadPlugin, ShowMenu
- Add: form autocompletion
- Add: spellcheck
- Add: favorites refresh when changing favorites from explorer or IE
- Add: favorites(Refresh) command
- Add: new command names to replace ID_*
- Add: commands navToggleJS, pageToggleJS, appRestart
- Fix: possible cache trash (and maybe cookies) when closing session
- Fix: tab bar button width smaller than the icon.
- Fix: bad font in urlbar autocomplete list
- Fix: background of tabbar when position is not "band" disappearing afer a while
- Fix: throbber transparency on some windows version
- Fix: crash when closing windows session.
- Fix: crash when tab bar very small and using several lines
- Fix: manifest error in executable
- Fix: high CPU usage with animation in multiple tabs
- Fix: about:home memory leak
- Fix: localized prefs and macro function getpref
- Fix: bookmarks added witout url in some system
- Sessions:
* Chg: New storage file.
* Chg: Faster startup.
* Add: Save last selected tab and last active windows.
* Add: Multiscreen support.
* Fix: Better handling of closed tab.
- Toolbars/Skin:
* Add: New skin system
* Add: Support for PNG and other formats, chrome and data url
* Add: Button size scale with dpi and can be user set.
* Chg: toolbars.cfg can be in profile, skin or default/settings (first found in that order is used)
* Chg: toolbars.cfg: button name is used as text button if preceded by '!'


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