Opera 55.0.2994.37

Opera Software - 1.5 MB ( Freeware)

Opera is a strong competitor for the major web browser which have many useful features that makes it a good choice.

Opera Web browser offers an alternative to the large market of browser for Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Opera Web browser use a new rendering engine used in Chromium that offers increased speed.

Opera also includes the Speed ​​Dial feature that allows to combine the most visited pages and go directly to the opening of a new tab.

The famous browser adds an "all terrain" mode that accelerates the loading of pages on small connections through proxy servers Opera Foundation. Opera now centralizes catches web pages in one easy to access place for the easily find. Finally, the software suggests Web sites based on visited web pages.

In addition, the Quick Find feature allows you to quickly find a previously visited web page and it just by typing one or more keywords in the address bar. In addition, a built against malware and phishing system is provided and you can see improvements in the speed of email clients and RSS.

Opera 55.0.2994.37
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1.5 MB
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Date Added:
21 Aug 2018
Opera Software
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[Windows] Crash when dragging bookmarks into a folder.
[Win] Some MediaColorTest.Yuv* tests fail.
Decrease size of Opera release packages.
Lots of error log messages when using VTVideoDecoder.
Renderer crash after changing zoom level on page.
Add test for update in progress to WidevineCdmUpdaterImplTest.
Crash at extensions::MimeHandlerViewGuest::NavigationStateChanged(content::WebContents*, content::InvalidateTypes).
Searching bookmarks is slow.
[Linux] Ugly dialogs in default Cinnamon theme (Linux Mint).
Window bar looks collide with tab strip.
Dragging bookmark and dropping on Start Page breaks something.
[Linux]Floating sidebar panels are separate windows.
[WebUI] Add Adblocker as an extension to Extensions page to onboard the feature.
Search popup configuration.
close tabs keyboard shortcut does not work correctly with multiple tab selection.
[Mac] Bookmarks in menu appear twice.
[Win] Icon changes on renaming folder on bookmarks bar.
[Mac] No double click protection in Telnet dialog.
Settings page is opened at the Display section.
[Settings] Custom lists need to have more precise instruction.
[Win][Lin] Badge dialog anchor tip is overlapping icon.
[Mac] Video popout gets bigger each time its being opened.
Update our HSTS overrides.
[Lin] [Mac] OperaAutoupdateCheckerTest.IntializesAndFinalizesIPCThread fails.
Refactor vr_player to stop compiling chromium sources with exception handling as much as possible.
[Mac] Add accessibility names for badges.
Reintroduce Booking.com SD for users interested in Travel category.
Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware turns off animation only partially.
extension tests fail randomly.
[Settings] Add hover to icons.
[Settings] Change color of label font for search results in dark mode.
Crash at SpellCheck::IsSpellcheckEnabled().
Remove desktop/browser/infopage.
Convert usages in desktop/browser/speeddial
Convert usages in desktop/common/autoupdate.
Convert usages in desktop/common/suggestions.
Convert usages in desktop/common/themes.
Convert usages in desktop/common/turbo.
Convert usages in desktop/common/utility.
Convert usages in opera_components/converters.
Convert usages in opera_components/fraud_protection.
Convert usages in opera_components/location.
Add histograms to help evaluate dynamic demuxer selection performance WP2.
[Settings] Sync next to passphrase link disabled.
SDs can be doubled.
[Settings] Change buttons style.
[Settings] Change the colour of toggles.
[AdBlock] Add a metric to count number of hits.
SDs images are not refreshed.
[Instant Search] lack of translation for word Space.
Automate security tests.
[Sync] Unable to save sync password.
Browser lifetime in unittests not depend on TestBrowserWindow anymore.
Google search box on SD page is corrupted after factory reset & changing search engine.
Its possible to manually set chrome_url_overrides.
Sidebar hint cut off when sidebar is disabled.
[Locales] Manage lists/exceptions translation missed.
Address Bar/Search Box model and controller initialized with Browser object instead of BrowserWindow.
Alert sound played when pressing ESC with address field focused.
[Windows][Linux] Instant search dialog is not focused when multiple tabs are opened.
Blurry non default search engine icons.
Wrong search engine icon after switching modes.
Some radio streams wont start.
[Mac] Cmd+L doesnt work if address field has focus.
Remove redundant RunLoop uses.
[Settings][sync] Error on opening syncSetup when not logged in.
M4V videos wont play.
[Settings] Add space between currency button and dropdown.
[Mac] Icons for Local File & Turbo are corrupted.
[Mac] After pressing Learn More (Accelerated Connection) Opera Turbo help page is opened with empty badge popup.
[Mac] Security badge popup is opened instead of location one.
[Settings] Align buttons.
[Settings] Replace Chrome icons with ours.
[Settings] Focus state for toggles when using keyboard.
[Settings] Blank settings page when opened from private window.
PipelineIntegrationTest.BasicPlayback_VideoOnly_AV1_WebM is flaky.
[Settings] Autofill layout broken.
[Settings] Autofill form has less fields than in old settings.
[CN] Crash at base::ThreadLocalStorage::Slot::Get().
Bump version to 55 on master.
Improve My Flow and Instant Search icons in navbar.
[Windows] Sidebar hint is covering address bar.
Do not include english word in chinese translation for placeholder text on start page.
[Speedy] Update GN to handle speedy nicely.
Page views not reported for instant search.
Enable flag on developer channel.
Enable #chrome-extensions-one-click-install-policy flag on developer.
Enable #chrome-extensions-one-click-install-policy flag on beta/stable.
Enable #new-md-settings on developer channel.
Installer Quit installer Default button should be No.
Remove Freedom secret-hiding hacks from //net WP1.
Current changes to avro tools.
Enable #dynamic-demuxer-selection by default on developer.
Add JS bundle entries to BUILD.gn.
Remove unpin sidebar option from Customize the elements in sidebar.
Mute animated wallpapers.
[Mac] Badge popup not vibrant.
New settings Manage passwords ? sign too close to search field.
Unify start page and news styles.
Improve checkout time by copying original files into gitpy_reset.
Crash at PrefValueMap::end() >opera::ApplyInstallerDefaultPrefValues.
[Mac] Internal badge popup is corrupted.
[Mac] Labels into badge popup are badly rendered.
MimeTypeSnifferImpl::ReadDone() called on invalid sequence.
Optimize Easy Setup icon.
Replace usage of chrome.send with chrome.developerPrivate.
Crash at opera::ProfileResetter::Reset().
Moving BrowserWindowType from BrowserWindow to Browser.
Add accessibility attributes to wallpaper gallery.
User activity tracking misbehaves when navigating in tab.
ActiveURLObserver asserts.
Make Speed Dial colours consistent.
Add missing translations.
WebAudioBrowserTest. AAC decode tests fimeout.
Show password icon is not visible.
Usernames of saved passwords are almost invisible in dark theme.
Dialogs in Saved Passwords section look badly for dark theme.
Enable the flag on beta/stable.
Wrong label for Open the start page.
[Windows] signtool fails on repackaging.
[Settings] Manage sidebar leads to old link.
Opera debug crashes on new settings page.
[Settings] Implement dark dialogs for dark theme.
[Settings] Autofill options titles should be aligned with buttons.
Erratic reads optimization must not be applied on Windows.
[Speedy] Configure speedy after output dir has been created ?.
[Mac] No dedicated GPU option in settings.
[Speedy] Handle the EOL mismatch issue.
[Settings] Autofill country data not saved.
Windows nightly builds fail to compile.
Chromium ad blocking settings should be removed from new settings.
[Settings] Remove VPN section if location is Chinese.
Remove Freedom secret-hiding hacks from //net WP2.
[Mac] Unable to turn on full screen when IS dialog is displayed.
VR settings missing in new settings.
[Mac] Overlay not following when window is enlarged.
[Linux] importing_unit_fuzztests fails to compile in debug/asan.
[Demuxer] renderer crash at _delayLoadHelper2.
[Settings] Lack of proxy warning with VPN enabled.
[Settings] Lack of WebRTC settings.
Sidebar messenger cycler crashes Opera.
Enable Chromium badge in all streams.
[Win] Installer error on uninstallation Elevated process did not write new installation status.
[Windows] Wrong label for Choose file in import section.
Provide translations for News 2.
opera:themes forwarded to wrong url.
Moving BrowserWindowCreateParams to Browser class.
Move url thumbnail generation to c++ side.
Privacy Policy statement is visible at Opera Installer.
Translations for O54 beta (24.05.2018).
[Settigns] Align arrows.
Reset site settings dialog relates to Chrome.
[Settings] Change the link icon colour (LT).
[Settings] Improve Opera Turbo warning.
[Settings] Update search icons.
Opera Ad Blocker blocking search ads sendBeacon requests.
[Speedy] Investigate possibilities of fixing debug info.
WelcomePage tests need an update.
[Settings] Replace Remove icons.
Adblocker.testDialogNavigateToSettings fails.
[Settings] Change fonts weight.
[Settings] Align margins on subpages.
[Mac] OmniBoxView.xib included in our project is not used.
[Settings] Change the hover state for dropdowns.
Clicking page info badge does not toggle dialog visibility.
Fix styling of opera-confirm-dialog.
[Settings] Replace Chrome icons with ours on site settings.
[Linux] Package has dependency incompatible with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
Uncaught error when closing reset profile dialog.
Obtain image buffers via ImageBufferReadyCallback.
JS_tests.testCopyJavascriptFromAnotherTab error on Mac.
menu_tests.*.testShowBookmarks fail on Mac.
Opera as not supported browser on teams.microsoft.com.
[Mac] Make Narrow Sidebar default option for new users.
[Win] After pressing IDS_BADGE_TURBO_LINK_TEXT link help page with certificate section is opened.
[Win][Mac] Secure badge popup has no Site settings button.
Remove empty space on Start Page when search box disabled.
Fix browserjs for https://www.opera.com/docs/browserjs/.
Change Sign in button.
[Mac] Clicking Confirm to Quit option doesnt enabled/disable it.
Fraud page badge dialog needs to have a distinct message.
Wrong pref value for 6 hours news notification time interval.
[Linux] Instant search searching background is dark with dark Gnome theme.
Allow enabling / disabling Instant Search in settings.
Add test for enabling and disabling instant search.
[Mac] Crash at base::SupportsUserData::GetUserData(void const*) const.
Running gn_opera.py touches args_default.gni even if no changes are needed.
Implement Allow enabling / disabling Instant Search in old settings.
[Settings] Chrome Passwords in default filename when exporting passwords.
Lots of pylint errors in gn_opera.py.
Offer to translate pages that arent in a language you read should not be there.
Unify button and article colors.
SD right click Change wallpaper is broken.
[WebUI] Wrong speed dial title font colours.
Snapshot captures only currently visible area when scrolling.
Crash on opera://help.
Double free in ThemeCreateDecodeImageTest.DecodeAllImageTypes on Mac.
Sidebar Messenger Error Open in new tab some translations dont fit in button.
Let partner search engines check if they are set as default option is missing in new settings.
Crash at media::software::VTVideoDecodeAccelerator::DecodeDone(media::software::VTVideoDecodeAccelerator::Frame*).
45 memory leaks in various tests that create Browser objects.
Record the statistic on whether users have Instant Search enabled/disabled.
Allow sites to run Flash automatically missing!
opera://settings/instantSearch does not work.
[buildsing] Incorrect SFX config when signing autoupdateoperaclient.
Packaging signed build produces bigger file than its possible.
More convenient log output from LockFileImpl.
[Linux] Create Snap package on Linux as part of build process.
Fix the signature for custom partner content Yx02, Yx01.
Random build failure caused by lack of include in chrome_subresource_filter_client.cc.
Linux nightly fails to compile.
[Settings] Polish ad-blocker list missed on polish version.
Upgrade and recovery wrong translation.
remove sovetnik extension from edition Yx 02 and Yx 03.
Hide Post-migration clean-up behind flag.
Fix debug mode warning on Start Page.
Additional translations for beta O54 (12.06.2018).
Adblocker exceptions are not updated immediately when deleted.
[Old settings] Button for exporting passwords does not work.
Do not render set default browser prompt when not needed.
Remove the hash function callback from ShutdownTimeReporter.
Make sure that the PDH consistency checker works on a per-installation basis.
Switch from opera::Navigator::Params use to NavigateParams from browser_navigator_params.h.
[Settings] change colours of checkboxes.
NI/USB doesnt work on Win10/Win8 caused by {upx, lld, /guard}.
Import Chromium translations.
[Converter] Fix number conversion.
[Settings] Missing option to import Cookies from other browsers.
[Settings] change hover for some options to hand icon.
[Settings] Import from other Chromium based browsers does not work.
Unable to edit adblocker exception lists.
Country based lists missing from Default lists.
Change colour of Import bookmarks now on light theme.
Keeps importing list that is already added.
[Settings] Text in put is placed to low in search field.
Adapt test server for DNA-66354.
Bookmark dialog adds a speed dial to the beginning.
[Speedy] gn_opera treats additional GN args as speedy host.
[Settings] Missing visual focus of UI controls.
Fraud warning & Malicious site warning badge popups titles should be red.
Enable #dynamic-demuxer-selection on stable.
[mac] Add hover for Flow icon in address bar.
Pinned shortcut repins every launch.
Missing dependency on //chrome/common:page_load_metrics_mojom in desktop/browser.
Add speeddial post-migration flag turned off test.
[Sync] Update required to sync tests generate different history on sync test account.
Fix for not storing booking.com removal time while abtest is turned off.
Get more wallpapers option in context menu doesnt work.
Do not allow multiple initialization of ProtectedDataHasher in the factory.
desktop_browsertests requires ClearKey CDM.
Crash at opera::PageView::title().
Add test for Adblocker as an extension to Extensions page.
Add switch to disable Adblocker as an extension to Extensions page.
[opauto] Timeout when calling NavigateToURL.
[Windows] Non-jumbo compilation failure.
[Linux] Debug fails while linking lib_opautolib.
Clicking on adblocker on extension page should redirect to extension description page.
Amend history controller to handle undefined tab from chrome.tabs.getCurrent.
Increase alpha for text shadow on Start Page.
Enable new settings flag on all stream.
Define abtest to keep news on start page disabled for major countries.
Trigger post-migration right after migration.
Settings Missing translations (be and fr-CA).
Create dry-run for speeddials post-migration (clean-up).
Settings Missing translations (all languages) Autofill Add address Gender.
Relaunch button is misalligned.
[Linux] Preloading video libraries broken.
[Linux] Older ffmpeg libraries should be supported.
Show focus style only when using keyboard.
Settings Autofill Add address Ugly input fields.
[Linux] Remove chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra from snap package.
Crash at opera::content_filter::BlacklistManager::UpdateBlacklistHitStat(unsigned char).
Fix launching of autoupdate when same version of Opera has been installed to same folder at least three times.
[Lin] Double mouse backward/forward navigation.
[Mac] Extension icons not redrawn correctly after disable/enable.
Some OperaAutoupdateCheckerTest.* tests fail.
Correct ab_test.json file.
Add omitted speeddial post-migration clean-up on partner content initialization finished.
Crash at opera::WebContentsDeletionObserver::WebContentsDestroyed().
Randomize questions order in NetInstaller survey.
2Fa with Yubikey doesnt work on Google Account.
O55 translations (12.07.2018).
The Other option should be last in Quality section.
Unable to build snap package on stable.
Extenstions Extensions keyboard shortcuts button doesnt work properly.
[Settings] [Win] Missing options on new Settings page.
Margins missing in survey.
error message in about page after update check time out.
[Settings] Add categories on Settings page.
[Settings] Ctrl + F / Cmd + F should focus search box.
Update tests related to instant search hint.
Remove Instant Search hints.
On startup Ask me when Opera is started by a shortcut specifying an URL is missing in new settings.
Rate me and Opera help link are missing in new settings.
Display six columns in the wallpaper gallery.
Update Polish translation for: Send news usage data to improve personalization.
Use ffmpeg codec distributed by Ubuntu in Linux snap.
Exclude old suggestions from post-migration clean-up.
Language setting checkbox is not visible when not hovered in dark mode.
[Snap] Fix the grade setting for beta and developer snap and use channels to control their release.
[Linux] Middle click the new tab button should paste from primary buffer.
Whitelist opr.addons API on Welcome Page.
Interface translation mistakes (Japanese).
Do not allow any site to track my physical location wrong translation for fr-CA.
Crash at opera::ShouldTryKeychainReauthorize(NSString*, NSString*, NSString*, int).


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