KeePass 1.36

KeePass - ( Open Source)

KeePass is a password manager solution for those that have many passwords to remember.

KeePass is a useful password manager software that allows management of passwords in a secure way.
Based on a dual AES encryption , Rijndael and Twofish algorithm - two of the most powerful at the moment, also used by banks- this software gathers all of the serial numbers, logins, passwords and other account numbers in a single interface. It is only necessary to remember one password or insert a removable drive to have access to the password database. It is also possible to generate a key to copy to removable media to prevent the reading of the database if the password is stolen.

The information contained in the database data can be classified into different categories for easy access to the password needed.

The interface has a tree form that is customized to each recreation and password, that can be associated to a web page, a comment, an expiration date.

The software requires no installation, as it can run directly from a USB stick or hard drive so no information is stored on the system to avoid any form of piracy.

Editor's review:

KeePass is a very useful solution for you when you deal with many accounts that require password. You have a smart way to keep all your passwords at your fingers - pay importance to use different passwords for different accounts for better security - just by keeping in mind one single master password that offers access to the rest of your passwords.

KeePass Editor's pick - Excellent software What we like:

- it offers a simple solution to keep all your passwords safe, without keeping each of them in mind;
- it offers great security options using the strongest encryption algorithms ;
- it is lightweight and very easy to use;
- it offers assistance when needed;
- it offers random password generator.

Our suggestion:

- to offer native support for all browsers;
- to offer users the possibility to use on different computers using cloud technology.

KeePass 1.36
File Size:
1.9 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Open Source
Date Added:
04 Sep 2018
MD5 Checksum:

New Features:
KeePass now uses Transactional NTFS (TxF) for writing database files, if possible; this improves the compatibility with other programs that are watching these files (e.g. file synchronization services).
Added automatic completion support for the user name box in the entry editing dialog (suggesting user names that are used in other entries).
Added option 'Search for passwords in quick searches' (turned off by default).
The KP1_CFG_LOCAL environment variable now supports paths relative to the current working directory.

File transactions now preserve access control list (ACL) entries.
File transactions are not used anymore when attempting to write to a local file that does not exist yet (to ensure a correct default ACL).
File transactions are not used anymore for files that have a reparse point (e.g. symbolic links).
The configuration system does not create a KeePass folder in the user's application data folder anymore when the target configuration file location is outside this folder.
Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.68.0.
Upgraded installer.
Various code optimizations.
Minor other improvements.


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