MediaMonkey Music Manager for PC Windows

Ventis Media - ( Freeware)

MediaMonkey is more than just a music player, being a true music library manager too that satisfy most pretentious users.

MediaMonkey is a library that was developed for organizing and managing the smallest as well the largest collection of audio files.

User can browse and search within the library according to different criteria (genre, artist, year, rating, etc.). Each album can have a wallet with his name and all its constituent securities . A rating for each title is available.

The built-in player allows to listen all types of audio files (OGG, MP3, WMA, VQF, WAV, etc.). Elegant and practical, it will satisfy most pretentious users.

Users can import their CDs and compress on the fly OGG, MP3 or WMA. They can also convert the audio files into different formats. MediaMonkey manages tags OGG, MP3 and WMA. It is possible to adjust the volume and the sound enhancement can be done with the equalizer and built-in effects.

MediaMonkey integrates with Nero to allows users to easily burn a complete playlist or only a few pieces in particular. The application also has a synchronization tool to transfer your the to iPod or other portable player.

MediaMonkey Music Manager for PC Windows
File Size:
15.5 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
29 Mar 2019
Ventis Media
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Bug Fixes:
Enter password dialog is not shown when NAS is accessed first time after install
Neoclassical and Classical Rock are incorrectly set as Type = Classical Music
DB: Criteria Disk # can result in SQL error
MediaMonkey reads Title incorrectly
Update Year to 2019
Playback Stops if playing file is tagged close to end of playback
Auto-organize Monitor: MMW reports unorganized tracks for thracks that ar e already organized
Auto-Organize: Mask <Track #> do not work
Sync: M3U playlists for album/artist are not created on Android devices
iTunes reports corrupted device after sync with MM (iPhone XR and XS)
Default VCD and preview directory cannot be set back to the default


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