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Microsoft Office revealed new elegant and pleasant ways of working at the office.

Microsoft Office is a set of software that allow you to run in good conditions of office activities, more commonly known office suite. It was designed by Microsoft It can be found today in various versions of this software, the family versions, student or professional. The student version includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The family version includes more Outlook while in the professional version, there are more Publisher and Access.

The most popular products of this suite are: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote, Project, Publisher and Visio.

This software suite includes word processing with Word offering the possibility of tabulating the text, count words, choose the font, size and options : bold, underlined or highlighted, all these making Word the flagship of this suite.

With the new version , it offers the ability to create websites and it can act as reader tablets. It also has a system for document storage. Word offers among the news a new way of reading "full screen" (with a zoom for images or tables), a bookmark for the user to resume playing where it left, new modes of image and support for PDF integration.

In office 2013 some features have been added such as full-screen playback mode with zoom and a bookmark to more easily find its document function.

New features filling, new analysis and data mining tools, recommendations graphics makes you discover new ways to explore your data more intuitive. You can visualize, analyze, and display the results in one click and when you want, share them with ease.

Outlook is a mail box that offers many features, OneNote is an aid to taking notes that will then be used on tablet or PC. Publisher is a software for the creation of websites, customizable business cards , but based on models already in the software. Access allows file and database management.

Microsoft Office has now document sharing online, stripped interfaces, more than successful integration of Skype , recording in SkyDrive and multiequipmentsupport (PC / tablet).

Microsoft Office 2013
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14 Mar 2013
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- Fixed a bug in the grammar of the MaxRunTime statement. It can now be used multiple times in a block, as intended.
- Added a logfile footer with the finishing time and total running time.
- Added ExcludeVolumes(CDRom(yes)) to the settings, to hide the cdroms in the the MyDefrag script chooser window.
- If MyDefrag is started with some volumes names ("MyDefrag.exe -v C: -v D:") then the script chooser now only displays those volumes.
- Added support for volume device names, for example "DeviceHarddiskVolume1".
- Added the ImportListFromProgramHints fileboolean.
- Added several options to WhenFinished, such as Hibernate, Standby, and WarnUsers.
- Fixed a problem in the calculation of the ZoneSize and ZoneBegin numbers.
- Changed the selection criteria of FastFill (more favor files high on the disk) to move less data and finish quicker.
- Changed the installer so the association between MyD scripts and a new version of MyDefrag is not deleted any more when an old version is uninstalled.
- Fixed a bug that could cause certain VolumeBooleans to crash.
- Added the MoveToEndOfDisk fileaction.
- Added the NumberBetween volumeboolean.
- Added the FileSystemType volumeboolean.
- Added the FileLocation fileboolean.
- Added the Minimum() and Maximum() NUMBER operators.
- Added the RememberUnmovables setting.
- Added the Highlight.MyD example script.
- Added the SetColor "text" setting.


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