Nero Kwik Media 12.5.00300

Nero Inc - (Freeware)

Managing the media files, creating a library and correcting imperfections in the pictures are just a few features that makes Nero Kwik Media a great choice for any user.

Nero Kwik Media is a dynamic media manager that allows the installation of additional programs (free or not) as needed.

Nero Kwik Media can create a library, making it easier to find media files either pictures, music or videos. It also provides the possibility to import files on the internal hard drive or from the CD.

The application provides tools for reading and some editing playlist or create slideshows or a module engraving tools. Other services can expand the type supported (blu-ray) files, customize slideshows (themes), or integrate other tools in Nero editor.

Nero Kwik Media includes a tool that can correct defects on multimedia files including imperfections in the pictures. In addition, it can make the removal of unwanted parts.

Nero Kwik Media 12.5.00300
File Size:
185.2 MB
Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Date Added:
04 Mar 2013
Nero Inc
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New Features:

Core | Logging seperated into sections
Core | Plugins can be disabled from starting up
Core | Separate high-speed transfer rates between peers within the local LAN
Core | Encrypted peer connections
Core | Revamped and much improved piece-picking code
Core | Option to bind outgoing connections to the same local port, may help with NAT router instability
Plug | HTTP webseed support (
Plug | New "team seeder" plugin
Dev | Plugins can now add views/tabs to Torrent Details, Peers View, etc
UI | Draggable column reordering and column indicator (w/SWT 3.2+)
UI | Peer piece map in Peers Tab
UI | Manual tracker scrape option if auto-scrape disabled
UI | Share-ratio indicator and options to hide the various indicators
UI | Separate per-torrent options panel


Core | Clearer firewalled/NAT status reporting
Core | Do not open the wiki NAT problem page if firewall status is OK
Core | Disk manager threads - limited pool now serves all disk read/write requests
Core | Single thread now serves torrent piece picking etc (was one per download)
Core | Persistent IP bans now have limited lifetime
Core | Reworked compact storage type to support migration of formats
Core | Less requirements to pause downloads when changing file priorities
Core | Only one torrent can now be checking at a time
Core | DHT size estimation improved
Core | Default listen port number now randomized for new installs
Core | Interrupted "seeding+checking" files now rechecked on startup
UI | Seeding+checking completeness now shown in status
UI | Faster filling of tables (Mac/some Linux)
UI | Opening torrents changed to use one opener dialog (w/options to change destination filenames, disable files, etc)
UI | Find-As-You-Type in 'My Torrents' changed to Filter-As-You-Type. Ctrl-BS to clear filter.

Corrected bugs:

Core | Fix transfer stall bug when MTU size is greater than max upload/download rate
Core | Improved peer connection counting
Core | Tracker wasn't handling "accept-encoding" properly
Core | Multiple file renames/retargets wasn't working
Core | Synchronous scrape wasn't working
Core | Fixed move-on-complete bug when target was a link
Core | Fixed DND/Delete vs piece needed/interested in peer issues
Core | Properly catch Windows shutdown/logoff events
UI | Selection moves properly with CTRL+ and sorting
UI | URL Drag'nDrop Improvements - Unicode, IE Links (Windows)


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