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Management of photos and sharing online digital albums is a task that can be easily done with Picasa, which also offers the possibility of editing them before sharing.

Picasa is a digital photo album manager that is great at image editing operations. It can import and share photos easily on the Google+ social network. Simply click on the share button and choose the files you want to share or import.

Function "Sync to Web " can automatically synchronize albums on the hard drive with the online version.

Direct editing of images is greatly facilitated by Picasa which also is accompanied by a viewer, Picasa Photo Viewer, which can replace the Windows Viewer. The integrated editor allows basic edits such as cropping, red-eye removal, rotation or automatic improvement.

The software also has a function that lets user create videos in WMV format, from a montage of photos, videos and music on the hard drive. Once editing is complete, it is possible to put it online directly on the music websites.

It offers all the necessary tools for image editing. It is also possible to edit side-by-side in order to have an idea about business transformation. Not less than 24 effects are available to the user.

A tool for managing photos on the hard disk or other storage unit connected to the computer is also available. It is very easy to find all the photos without losing time in research.

Several export album features are available such as sending selected pictures by email , print or create a sub- album with automatic resizing of images.

Picasa 3.9 Build 138.150
File Size:
16.6 MB
Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Date Added:
12 Aug 2014
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- Proper display of Drive storage used when user has unlimited quota.
- Save button in Picasa's OneUp mode not properly enabled for large (>500 photos) folders/albums.
- Picasa was not properly refining images with pending edits in TwoUp (A|B) mode.
- [Internal] Enhance AutoBackup upload to anticipate changes to API.
- Fixed crash in AutoBackup for Windows that could occur while uploading very large files.
- [Internal] Fixed a problem obtaining the correct version for crash reports.
- Restore Picasa's automatic conversion to JPEG format on explicit export operations (including email).
- Fix broken video uploads in Picasa (incorrect image format for thumbnails).
- Increase maximum file size from 36MB to 50MB for AutoBackup.
- Fix the Print Contact Sheet utility in Picasa to display Album date, not current date/time.
- Fix Picasa's Save and Save As... operations were not preserving file extensions correctly.
- Fix Picasa's text wrapping in some cases which would break on the decimal point of floating point values.
- Prevent the ability to create folders with trailing spaces in their name during Picasa's Import utility.
- [Internal] Add better diagnostics to logfile for AutoBackup.
- Remove the unused Picasa option to Upload people album thumbnails to Google Contacts.


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