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Exchanging any type of file on several popular P2P networks is a piece of cake with Shareaza, a completely free software.

Shareaza is a Peer-to-Peer client for Windows that allows user to upload files of any type on several popular P2P networks.

With a funny and easy to use interface it allows to connect to the extremely populars Gnutella 2 network (faster) and especially the eDonkey, DirectConnect + + (DC + +) and BitTorrent networks.

Users can filter the files in DRM to fight against any kind of pornography that is legal or not. These filters allow to better find files and not fall on the fake files and viruses that are undesirable.

Shareaza has been specially designed to deliver optimum performance regardless of the number of sources. It uses extensively swarming technology to download files from many sources.

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Windows (All Versions)
Open Source
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16 Dec 2014
Shareaza Development Team
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# It includes the following changes:
* Better support of 64-bit Windows.
* Updated third-party libraries.
* Bug-fixing.
# Major SVN changes
* Restored Windows XP compatibility fix lost during last update.
* Banned offline cache
* Updated GeoIP database (03 Dec 2014).
* Added Release build scripts.
* Fixed rare crash when user rapidly presses Browse button in Browse Host Window.
* Updated UnRAR version to
* Updated MiniUPnPc library to 1.9.20141117.
* Updated SQLite version to
* Updated GeoIP database (05 Nov 2014).
* Fixed memory overrun.
* Added support for 64-bit Program Files for detection of Shareaza folder, shareable folders testing etc.
* Fixed warnings, minor optimization.
* Changed file externals to SVN externals.
* Fixed potential crash inside BitTorrent available chunks code.


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