SyncToy 2.1 (64-bit)

Microsoft Corporation - (Freeware)

SyncToy is a handy utility that helps synchronization between a laptop and a post office to be simple and intuitive.

SyncToy is a handy tool developed to set up a small backup solution, or to synchronize a removable device (USB stick, Smartphone or PDA key in "Mass Storage", etc.).

SyncToy can establish bidirectional synchronization, combined or repeated. The user will be able to create as many "pairs of synchronized folders" as he wants. The automatic execution timings must go with the Task Scheduler.

Advanced settings can still be adjusted as the removal of the copied files or merging two files in another, for example.

SyncToy 2.1 (64-bit)
File Size:
3.5 MB
Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 64
Date Added:
20 Jan 2010
Microsoft Corporation
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# Better Performance: The speed of file copy operations is significantly increased across the board.
# Improved Robustness: Much more resilient to transient network and file system errors and better error reporting which pin-points which file the sync failed on in case theres a fatal error that stops the sync.
# Folder pair configuration backup: Folder pair configuration is automatically backed up under %localappdata%\microsoft\synctoy\2.0. User can replace SyncToyDirPairs.bin with the backup copy to resolve last saved configuration.

# Bug Fixes:
* Fixed the data corruption issue when using SyncToy with NAS drives.
* Fixed the issue that prevented uploading files to SharePoint when using SyncToy 2.0.
* Fixed the issue that prevented delete changes from being synchronized when the sync option is set to Echo.
* Fixed the UI issue where reported file time were off by the difference between local time and UTC when destination is a FAT volume.


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