Universal Extractor 1.4.2

Jared Breland - (Freeware)

Universal Extractor is making it easy to extract files being a convenient way to extract files from installation packages.

Universal Extractor is a tool whose goal is to extract any file of any archive. As its name suggests, it is an archive extraction tool that supports most compression formats, but also extracting executable or MSI Packages tool.

Regardless of the type of archive, the source and the compression method, it simply must enter the destination zip file and unzip the contents, or directly via the context menu.

Universal Extractor 1.4.2
File Size:
3.0 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
28 Nov 2006
Jared Breland
MD5 Checksum:

Added preferences page to installer to set defeault UniExtract options
Added multilingual support to installer (using Inno Setup message files)
Added multilingual support for context menu entries and custom installer messages
Added Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Japanese, and Thai translations
Fixed UniExtract crash when selecting archive file to extract through GUI
Fixed support for Windows Installer 2.0
Fixed combo box bug in history and language lists under Windows 9x
Fixed path issue under Windows 9x that prevented the noinst archive from working
Fixed translation error for KGB Self-Extracting archives
Updated installer to only offer context menu association to Admin or Power Users
Updated innounp to 0.18
Updated Inno Setup installer to 5.1.8
Updated Inno Setup CLI Help to 1.1
Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation
Updated UniExtract to display status box higher on screen to prevent overlap


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