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The number of formats supported and its versatile and customizable interface made Winamp one of the most popular audio player.

Winamp is a popular software specially designed to play audio files. It is always capable of reading a plurality of audio and video formats. The program can extract and compress the CDs to AAC or WAV.

Winamp has a burning function too, so that user will be able to burn his playlists and create his own compilations.

The appearance of the interface is fully customizable with classic skins or with modern versions. Winamp also allows to discover radio and TV channels broadcast over the Internet through its built-in tuner.

The pioneer mp3 players continues to be of great interest for several reasons. It manages a large number of audio and video formats where most competitors are limited to. Winamp is also much easier to customize, thanks to hundreds of skins, visualizations or various and varied plugins.

The software acquires an Orb based on module to access its library remotely via a secure web page, and includes a browser in line with Songbird, allowing easy access to audio content such as web pages and audioblogs.

Winamp supports a wide range of players , starting with iPods to Creative or Archos players through the UMS readers.

The software offers the possibility to retrieve information about a song or an album cover on the Internet. This feature requires an Internet connection and makes it easy to manage.

Access to online radio is also on the program. Not less than 30,000 radio stations are accessible if the Internet connection allows it. Radios are categorized by genre, this way it is easier to find the one desired to listen .

Winamp 5.8.3660
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17 Oct 2019
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