AMD Catalyst Drivers ATI Catalyst Drivers 9.2 XP 64

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AMD Catalyst Drivers is a smart choice for those that want to improve their PC performance while increasing overall stability.

AMD Catalyst Drivers includes the latest 32-bit AMD (ATI) for the graphics card and panel Catalyst Control Center.

The AMD driver provides a gain of performance in several 3D applications thus ensuring an optimal experience. The panel Catalyst Control Center provides quick access to all parameters relating to AMD hardware offering multimedia features, management and display game.

There are different versions of AMD drivers for each operating system.

AMD Catalyst Drivers ATI Catalyst Drivers 9.2 XP 64
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53.2 MB
Windows XP64
Date Added:
21 Feb 2009
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Performance Improvements

Catalyst 9.2 brings performance benefits in several cases where framerates are
CPU-limited. Some measured examples are:
Crysis DX10 gains up to 20%
Crysis Warhead DX10 gains up to 20%
World in Conflict gains up to 5%

Resolved Issues for the Windows XP Operating System

This section provides information on resolved issues in this release of the ATI
Catalyst Software Suite for Windows XP. These include:
System instabilities no longer happens after mode switching in extended
mode while playing some copy protected DVDs
Catalyst Control Center, CrossFire option can no longer be toggled on/off during
playback of video on a CrossFire enabled system
Creating any type of an OpenGL 3.0 context (normal or forward compatible)
and then requesting the version string no longer causes the driver to stop
With Overlay Theater Mode and stretched desktop enabled, dragging media
player to extended desktop no longer shows corruption or causes system
High CPU usage and choppy playback issues have been resolved during
Blu-ray playback on WinDVD 9
Catalysts Control Center, component video pixel format settings are now
retained on system restart


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