Android SDK 31.0.2

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Android SDK is a popular development environment kit for working with the platform and create new Android applications.

Android SDK is a powerful development environment kit specialized in designing and implementing Android applications. It includes all the necessary tools in this operation, including an editor and an executor, APIs and more to develop applications using Java programming language and test the code, respectively. Android SDK has a code processing tool with advanced features that is able to color the syntax for the programming language used to facilitate error detection. To make it easier to the user, different canvas are available in the resources of this software, which are compounds of predefined codes that can be modified and customized according to needs. At the end of each treatment, Android SDK provides the ability to test the code entered on a built-in application launcher by simply clicking the launch button arranged in the options bar. The supplied libraries in Android SDK are compatible with more development environments such as: Eclipse, JDK5 or JDK6, Android Development Tool Plugin and Apache Ant. It offers support for CDMA and for additional resolutions, for QVGA and WVGA, gesture recognition and voice, the ability to integrate Quick Search Box and more.

Android SDK 31.0.2
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06 May 2021
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