Avant Browser 2013 Build 107

Avant Force - (Freeware)

Avant Browser is a great solution for browsing Internet which includes many new and helpful features.

Avant Browser is a simple web browser but pretty much alike Crazy Browser which is also free to use. It is is a standalone application customizable at will, designed to expand the possibilities offered by Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Based on the Internet Explorer engine, the browser includes most interesting features: closing pop-up, additional functions for mouse, tabbed browsing, integrated Google search, autofills, privacy control, blocking images, sounds or video on demand, compatibility with Internet Explorer features, etc..

It has the ability to clean the browsing history when you exit your browser, or perform actions "Previous Page " and " Next Page " by a combined pressure of both mouse buttons.

Avant Browser 2013 Build 107
File Size:
4.3 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
04 May 2013
Avant Force
MD5 Checksum:

- [Updated]fireox engine:
- [Updated]chrome engine:26.0.1410.64
- [Improve]Improved User Interface
- [Improve]Reduced CPU usage
- [Fix]Avant always opens as compact style
- [Fix]Reduced the minimize width of add-on bar
- [Fix]Some UI problems
- [Fix]The whole sidebar can be moved
- [Fix]Drop down list of standard buttons.
- [Fix]Cannot select user-defined search engine in win8
- [Fix]Cannot move Avant window when in restore state using opal skins,
- [Fix]Cannot operate the tabs on second tab row
- [Fix]Standard buttons bar doesn't have content menu
- [Fix]cannot click the drop down list of management bar
- [Fix]Unicode url problem
- [Fix]mouse gesture stays on webpage in XP
- [Fix]date on copyright page
- [Fix]browser is unusable when opening more than two windows
- [Fix]Auto hide taskbar problem
- [Fix]The file name of attachment is unreadable using Avant downloader
- [Fix]F8 shortcut loses effect
- [Fix]No sidebar icon on status bar
- [Fix]split view problems
- [Fix]ctrl+mouse wheel shortcut loses effect
- [Fix]view toolbars problem
- [Fix]Two Avant icons when using alt+tab shortcut.


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