DirectX DirectX 9.0c (Aug 05)

Microsoft Corporation - (Freeware)

DirectX provides fast performance for games running DirectX software and other rich media animations.

DirectX is an essential set of drivers and technologies for gamers that helps the display and execution of multimedia elements of some applications such as 3D animations.

DirectX supports multimedia elements such as color images, video sequences, advanced sound effects and 3D animations. It turns a PC into a suitable for optimum operation of video games or graphics platform.

According to the version of DirectX installed, it includes all runtime components published by Microsoft even those that are most recent as D3DX, XInput, and Managed DirectX. This also includes various APIs such as DirectSound, DirectPlay, DirectDraw and DirectInput.

DirectX DirectX 9.0c (Aug 05)
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Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
01 Aug 2005
Microsoft Corporation
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# New Feature:
* Updated JavaScript engine.
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- Side Bar and Status Bar could be dragged if the browser window was maximized.
- Quick App exited improperly.
- Sequence problem of the icons in Side Bar.
- Incorrect task number displayed in Download Manager.
- Tab "close" button display problem.
* Webkit Core
- Fixed one Inertia-Clickjacking security breach.
- Several stability problems related to Webkit Core.
- The username displayed as messy code in
- Night Mode did not work in some sites.
- Some page loading problems.
- Two scroll bar problems.
* Extension Interface of IE Core
- Interface problem in Retro Mode.
- Data import problem.


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