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Firebird is the perfect database for developing a small program or a large enterprise information system.

Firebird is a relational database that can better manage your database and to track the behavior of your SQL programs. By implementing this tool you can refresh your data and make the correction scripts. The software runs on Windows 95/98/Millenium/2000 / XP platforms. SQL Monitor Interbase / Firebird is a freeware software.

Firebird offers good performance regardless of the size of databases, ranging from a few kilobytes to several gigabytes, without slowdowns. Among the features there can be mentioned multi-generational architecture, support for external functions (UDFs), the ACID transaction model, full support of Stored Procedures and Triggers, full internal language for Stored Procedures and Triggers (PSQL), support for External Functions (UDFs), full implementation of cursors in PSQL, incremental Backups, referential Integrity, many third-party tools, including graphical tools aministration, replication, etc, many drivers database access : Napi , dbExpress driver , ODBC, OLEDB , pilot Net native JDBC type 4 driver module, Python , PHP , Perl, etc and more.

Firebird 2.5.0
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Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / Windows8
Open Source
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03 Oct 2010
Firebird Project
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# Fixed
* Core Engine/API
- (CORE-3115)The internal record compression routines exhibited some bugs.
- (CORE-3103)A SELECT statement incurred more non-indexed reads in the third v.2.5 release candidate than the same statement in v.2.1.3.
- (CORE-3101)ALTER DOMAIN was not possible in a database that had been migrated from an earlier version.
- (CORE-3100)The WAIT mode and lock timeout parameters for the external transaction of EXECUTE STATEMENT were not matched to the corresponding parameters of the local transaction.
- (CORE-3096)A regression introduced with the fix for CORE-2893 caused double processing of nodes when preparing a statement, prompting an abort to occur in the debug build.
- (CORE-3094)Parameters would not work with NOT IN from a selectable stored procedure.
- (CORE-3090)Incorrect LEFT JOIN result using table and derived constant subquery.
- (CORE-3089)Attempt to run EXECUTE STATEMENT on an external data source failed when the data source was an InterBase 4.1 (ODS 8) database.
- (CORE-3079)Batch inserts were noticeably slowed down if they were all executed in a single transaction and involved triggers that posted events.

* Server Crashes
- (CORE-3109)The server would crash when isc_dql_exec_immed3_m() was called for CREATE DATABASE ... in a NULL transaction.

* Command-line Utilities
- gsec
- (CORE-3116)The gsec utility was sending its output list of users to stderr instead of stdout.


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