Notepad++ 5.6

Notepad++ - (Open Source)

Notepad + + is a perfect solution for those that want more than Notepad to edit syntax.

Notepad + + is a source code editor which "Syntax Highlighting" and "Syntax Folding". It supports languages like: c, c + +, java, html, xml, php, javascript, makefile, ASP, VB, SQL, Objective-C etc. Notepad + + is coded in C + + with win32api (without MFC strictly) to be small and efficient source code editor.

The program is more than a simple text editor, bringing lots of really note worthy features like the color of the symbols, loading files of any size, searching and replacing text, printing the source code in color, drag and drop support, macro recording and playback, etc.

Notepad + + also is including autocompletion or conversion to binary or hexadecimal.It is recommended for the creation and editing of relatively small codes , and will be an indispensable tool for all developers .It is compatible with several programming languages. Fully coded in C + + and STL with win32api , Scintilla it is used as one of its components.

Notepad + + features a PCRE or Perl Compatible Regular Expression. This option enables searching and easily replacing syntax or code. It is also possible to have a map of the document for an overview.

Notepad++ 5.6
File Size:
3.3 MB
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Open Source
Date Added:
29 Nov 2009
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# New features and Fixed Bugs:

* Add languages encoding - Chinese traditional (BIG5), Chinese Simplified (GB2312), Japanese (Shift JIS), Korean (EUC), Thai (TIS-620), Hebrew (iso-8859-8), Hebrew (1255), Central European (1250), Cyrillic (1251), Cyrillic (KOI8-U), Cyrillic (KOI8-R), Cyrillic (Mac), Western European(1252), Greek (1253), Turkish(1254), Arabic (1256), Baltic (1257), Vietnamese (1258), ISO_8859-1 to ISO_8859-16 and a lot of more.
* Add auto-detection of HTML and XML files encodings.
* Add COBOL, D, Gui4Cli, PowerShell and R language support.
* Add Marker Jumper feature (Jump down/up : Ctrl+Num/Ctrl+Shift+Num).
* Add indent guide line highlighting for html/xml tags.
* Add system tray context menu and new command argument "-systemtray".
* Fix Unicode to ANSI encoding bug.
* Fix last recent file list menu items localization encoding bug.
* Fix last recent file number goes to zero issue.
* Add new command argument "--help".
* Fix Calltip hint bug and add a new capacity in it.
* Add the ability to add the second keyword group for user in both LISP and Scheme languages.
* Fix the wrap symbol display problem.
* Add SQL ESC symbol ''.
* Fix column editor insert number bug in virtual space mode.
* Fix status bar displaying "-2 char" issue for a empty document.
* Fix installation of NppShell64 failed issue in installer.

# Included plugins (Unicode):

* TextFX v0.26
* NppExec v0.3.2
* Spell Checker v1.3.3
* MIME Tools v1.6
* NppExport v0.2.8
* NppNetNote v0.1
* Compare Plugin 1.5.5
* Plugin Manager

# Included plugins (ANSI):

* TextFX v0.25
* NppExec v0.3.2
* Spell Checker v1.3.3
* MIME Tools v1.6
* NppExport v0.2.8
* Light Explorer v1.5
* NppNetNote v0.1
* Compare Plugin 1.5.5
* Plugin Manager


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