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PostgreSQL is a good choice when it comes to object-relational database management system, being one of the strongest competitors for Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird, Oracle, Sybase.

PostgreSQL for Windows is a software for managing relational database and Ordbms objects that will run on your operating system. It is recognized worldwide for its stability and its programming possibilities particularly extensive in the engine of your database using the PL / pgSQL.

PostgreSQL is the main competitor for MySQL, Firebird, Oracle, Sybase or Microsoft SQL Server and it is fully ACID compliant and has support for foreign keys, joins, views, triggers, and stored procedures. It also includes the windowing functions, common table expressions and recursive joins a parallel restore, consolidated hash indexes, support for SSL certificates for user authentication, routines statistics function, etc.It allows to manage tables, libraries for many languages to access records from programs written in Java (JDBC), C + + / C, Perl or Tcl / Tk.ODBC API allows any application that supports this type of interface to access PostgreSQL databases.

PostgreSQL is highly customizable running stored procedures in more than a dozen programming languages, including Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, C/C++,and its own PL/pgSQL, which is similar to Oracle's PL/SQL.

PostgreSQL 10.4
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11 May 2018
PostgreSQL Global Development Group
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Remove public execute privilege from contrib/adminpack's pg_logfile_rotate() function.
Fix incorrect volatility markings on a few built-in functions.
Fix incorrect parallel-safety markings on a few built-in functions.
Avoid re-using TOAST value OIDs that match dead-but-not-yet-vacuumed TOAST entries.
Correctly enforce any CHECK constraints on individual partitions during COPY to a partitioned table.
Accept TRUE and FALSE as partition bound values.
Fix memory management for partition key comparison functions.
Fix possible crash when a query inserts tuples in several partitions of a partitioned table, and those partitions don't have identical row types.
Change ANALYZE's algorithm for updating pg_class.reltuples.
Include extended-statistics objects in the set of table properties duplicated by CREATE TABLE ... LIKE ... INCLUDING ALL.
Fix CREATE TABLE ... LIKE with bigint identity columns.
Avoid deadlocks in concurrent CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY commands that are run under SERIALIZABLE or REPEATABLE READ transaction isolation.
Fix UPDATE/DELETE ... WHERE CURRENT OF to not fail when the referenced cursor uses an index-only-scan plan.
Fix incorrect planning of join clauses pushed into parameterized paths.
Fix possibly incorrect generation of an index-only-scan plan when the same table column appears in multiple index columns, and only some of those index columns use operator classes that can return the column value.
Fix misoptimization of CHECK constraints having provably-NULL subclauses of top-level AND/OR conditions.
Prevent planner crash when a query has multiple GROUPING SETS, none of which can be implemented by sorting.
Fix executor crash due to double free in some GROUPING SET usages.
Fix misexecution of self-joins on transition tables.
Avoid crash if a table rewrite event trigger is added concurrently with a command that could call such a trigger.
Avoid failure if a query-cancel or session-termination interrupt occurs while committing a prepared transaction.
Fix query-lifespan memory leakage in repeatedly executed hash joins.
Fix possible leak or double free of visibility map buffer pins.
Avoid spuriously marking pages as all-visible.
Fix overly strict sanity check in heap_prepare_freeze_tuple.
Prevent dangling-pointer dereference when a C-coded before-update row trigger returns the old tuple.
Reduce locking during autovacuum worker scheduling.
Ensure client hostname is copied while copying pg_stat_activity data to local memory.
Handle pg_stat_activity information for auxiliary processes correctly.
Fix incorrect processing of multiple compound affixes in ispell dictionaries.
Fix collation-aware searches (that is, indexscans using inequality operators) in SP-GiST indexes on text columns.
Prevent query-lifespan memory leakage with SP-GiST operator classes that use traversal values.
Count the number of index tuples correctly during initial build of an SP-GiST index.
Count the number of index tuples correctly during vacuuming of a GiST index.
Fix a corner case where a streaming standby gets stuck at a WAL continuation record.
In logical decoding, avoid possible double processing of WAL data when a walsender restarts.
Fix logical replication to not assume that type OIDs match between the local and remote servers.
Allow scalarltsel and scalargtsel to be used on non-core datatypes.
Reduce libpq's memory consumption when a server error is reported after a large amount of query output has been collected.
Fix double-free crashes in ecpg.
Fix ecpg to handle long long int variables correctly in MSVC builds.
Fix mis-quoting of values for list-valued GUC variables in dumps.
Fix pg_recvlogical to not fail against pre-v10 PostgreSQL servers.
Ensure that pg_rewind deletes files on the target server if they are deleted from the source server during the run.
Fix pg_rewind to handle tables in non-default tablespaces correctly.
Fix overflow handling in PL/pgSQL integer FOR loops.
Adjust PL/Python regression tests to pass under Python 3.7.
Support testing PL/Python and related modules when building with Python 3 and MSVC.
Fix errors in initial build of contrib/bloom indexes.
Rename internal b64_encode and b64_decode functions to avoid conflict with Solaris 11.4 built-in functions.
Sync our copy of the timezone library with IANA tzcode release 2018e.
Update time zone data files to tzdata release 2018d for DST law changes in Palestine and Antarctica (Casey Station), plus historical corrections for Portugal and its colonies, as well as Enderbury, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos Islands, and Uruguay.


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