SQL Server 2012 Express

Microsoft Corporation - 101.5 MB (Freeware)

SQL Server Express is the solution offered by Microsoft for the development of Windows and Web applications using SQL Server.

SQL Server Express is a popular software that facilitates the development of Windows and Web applications using SQL Server.Designed to integrate with Visual Studio Express, SQL Server Express Edition enables developers, amateurs or students to have a complete environment to create applications using databases data.

Novices will appreciate the presence of a substantial literature (in English) and "starter kits" designed not from scratch.This software allows a simplified administration by tunning automatically the database for optimal performance. It also allows easily moving or copying the SQL Server Express databases to another computer or hosted server using XCopy and ClickOnce deployment.

SQL Server 2012 Express
File Size:
101.5 MB
Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / Windows8
Date Added:
06 Aug 2012
Microsoft Corporation
MD5 Checksum:

* Added: "Include in desktop alert when new items arrive" added to feed and
folder properties (53720)
* Added: Performance improvements throughout due to changing how FeedDemon
internally stores, sorts and searches feed data
* Added: Double-clicking an item in FeedStation's error log now shows the
entire error message in a separate dialog
* Added: Option added to disable the sound which plays when a download fails
* Changed: Login dialog for secure feeds now automatically cancels after 60
* Changed: Login dialog for secure feeds now indicates whether existing
login is incorrect
* Changed: Desktop alert no longer displays when a fullscreen application
(such as a game) is running (65573)
* Changed: Feed updating is more intelligently throttled based on whether
FeedDemon is the active program
* Changed: "Import from Windows Common Feed List" updated to work with IE7 RC1
* Changed: FeedDemon is now DPI aware under Windows Vista
* Fixed: Progress dialog doesn't use shell font
* Fixed: FeedDemon should use content:encoded when both description and
content:encoded exist in a feed item, but instead it uses whichever comes
last (68646)
* Fixed: Flagging the last item in a newspaper removes it from the
subscription list when viewing unread feeds
* Fixed: Confirming the "subscription changed" dialog browses away from the
current newspaper (68356)
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to preserve entities in Atom content elements whose
type is text
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to decode run-on entities that aren't separated
with semi-colons (ex: &#106&#x61&#118)
* Fixed: Relative links in Atom feeds aren't handled properly when xml:base
if absent (69004, 56199)
* Fixed: Deleting a post from a synched feed doesn't always delete it from
NewsGator Online (70583)
* Fixed: Feeds aren't removed from Unread Feed view when marking posts as
read manually (71763)
* Fixed: FeedDemon needs to prompt for a new cache folder when the existing
one isn't found at startup (66136)
* Fixed: After closing browser tab, auto-discover list may still show feeds
for that tab
* Fixed: If the user has more unread posts than the newspaper view allows,
user ends up seeing the older unread posts, not the more recent ones (71844)
* Fixed: Newspaper styles other than "Surfer" don't enable searching the
current feed or folder (71324)
* Fixed: Clicking an item link that looks like feed URLs displays the
subscription wizard (70379)
* Fixed: When in "unread folder view," moving a feed with unread items to a
folder that doesn't already have unread items fails to add that folder to
the tree
* Fixed: The vulnerabilities described here have been resolved (70803, 71000)


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