Scribus 1.4.7

Scribus - ( Open Source)

Scribus is a simple and free solution for creating great looking documents of all kinds.

Scribus is a free desktop publishing software, distributed under the GNU GPL license. It offers many features that sometimes equal or exceed those of its commercial competitors.

Although the Windows version suffer slowdowns and plant some rare moments, we must not forget that Scribus is a completely free software, which is not the case of Quark Xpress and InDesign. In terms of features, the three programs have the same and only the speed of implementation varies, commercial software here have their best advantage because they are better optimized Scribus.

The layout can be done block by block in a very precise way, to one hundredth of a millimeter. Another interesting point of Scribus, management layers that allows you to work more thoroughly the document.

Scribus offers a good solution for desktop publishing, offering all the basic features and although a little very close to Linux, relatively correct interface , color management (CMYK separations, ICC profiles, etc), Import / export SVG, EPS, etc.It offers the possibility of creating a diary when there are multiple items, providing the tools developed to facilitate insertion of images and tables.

Scribus is a suitable application for the production of booklets, books and magazines.

Scribus 1.4.7
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80.4 MB
Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Open Source
Date Added:
30 Apr 2018
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[General] Conflict with Python 3 prevent scribus to run.
[Import / Export] PDF-Bookmarks go to wrong target page on partial export.
[PDF] Javascript fails to execute on PDF opening when PDF security is enabled.
[Translation] German translation for scribus.desktop.
[Import / Export] importing eps-files with Scribus 1.4.6 and Ghostscript 9.22 fails.
[Import / Export] A blank character is added when importing an html file.
[Story Editor / Text Frames] Style replacement isn't correct.
[PDF] Fonts used only in patterns can't be embedded in PDFs.
[Typography] Portuguese sample text.
[Fonts] Crash with Noto-Coloremoji font.
[Documentation] German documentation update for 1.4.7.
[Translation] Incorrect French translation for "Glyph extension" in style manager.
[Documentation] Incorrect link to Mac OSX Ghostscript package.
[Translation] Backport translation fixes to 1.4.7.svn.
[Translation] Ukrainian UI fixes.
[Styles] Document Settings Tab Width spinbox does not accept values below one inch.
[General] combine polygons results in unexpected displacement.
[Fonts] Text preview truncated in Font Preview.
[Scrapbook] scrapbook doesn't work with images.
[User Interface] Text filter dialog unusable.
[PDF] Euro-sign () showing as squares or diamond shape in PDF forms.
[General] "Insert frames" incorrectly place frames on left pages when bleed is involved.
[General] Typo in PACKAGING.
[Translation] Ukrainian UI update and fixes.
[Translation] Ukrainian UI update and fixes.
[Import / Export] Bad PDF output caused by broken JPEGs embedding incorrect ICC profiles.
[Import / Export] Inkscape SVG freezes Scribus.
[Translation] Ukrainian UI update.
[General] Rotate Item show wrong icon when mouse over frame middle point.
[Styles] Crash caused by incorrect handling of reference to deleted styles by style manager.
[Releases] GNOME/KDE: Please install the supplied AppData file.
[Properties Palette] PP Rotation on multiple selections.
[PDF] Incorrect export of nested groups to PDF.
[General] Print preview has cropped shape on second page (also in print).
[PDF] incorrect export of inline groups to PDF when offset to baseline applied.
[OS-Linux] Please stop installing mimelnk/vnd.scribus.desktop.
[OS-Linux] Please install the .desktop file.
[Scripter] Missing Greek option in calendar script.
[OS-Linux] cmake can't find hunspell anymore since version >= 1.4.
[Translation] Slovak translator spelling.
[Usability] After deleting Master Page, wrong master page is shown.
[Typography] Hyphens align incorrectly when using right alignment.
[General] "Print Layer" is not in sync with Preview Mode (Backport from 0014059).
[Shape Drawing] Node Editor Horizontal Shear icons are the wrong way round.
[Story Editor / Text Frames] Shortcut CTRL-D delete two characters instead of one in Story Editor.
[General] "Lock Guides" checkbox status is not correctly set when switching documents.
[Graphics / Image Frames] Image editing doesn´t remain after saving.
[Story Editor / Text Frames] Alternatively clicking between 2 text blocks crashes w/ Signal 6.
[User Interface] Outline Window is limited in height (in 1.4.x).
[Graphics / Image Frames] CMYK jpeg file not imported properly.
[Story Editor / Text Frames] Text highliting in Story Editor disappears after changing font.
[General] Duplicating a color, no difference in edit color dialog between OK and cancel.
[OS-Win32] Import failure with jpeg files whose path contains chars not supported by current codepage on Windows.
[Translation] Italian documentation update.
[Translation] Updated Danish Translation.


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