Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection

Utilu - ( Open Source)

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection is a smart pack very useful for developers or website designers to see and correct the websites in more versions of Mozilla Firefox browser.

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection is a useful pack that includes several versions of Mozilla Firefox Browser, starting with version 2.0 until nowadays version that offers you the possibility to see how a website looks under different Mozilla browser. It comes very handy if you are a developer or web designer, helping you to take appropriate decisions about the website’s look and feel, if you care about the users of the website which normally do not have the same version of Mozilla Firefox as you. This pack is very easy to work with, allowing you to see the analyzed website in multiple tabs simultaneously, each one with a different version in the window title, so that you can see any fault or error that needs correction. It includes many useful add-ons and plug-ins such as Firebug and Web Developer.

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection
File Size:
1.0 GB
Windows (All Versions)
Open Source
Date Added:
02 Jul 2018
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Updated Mozilla Firefox from ESR to ESR.
Updated Mozilla Firefox from ESR to ESR.
Updated Mozilla Firefox from beta 11 to
Updated Mozilla Firefox from Nightly to beta 4.
Updated Mozilla Firefox Nightly.
Updated Flash Player from to
Added changes and improvements.


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