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VirtualBox is an easy and elegant solution for those who want to control a computer from another computer.

VirtualBox offers virtualize your operating system (OS) guests on a host machine. Called hypervisor, the application supports Windows OS X, Linux, Mac, Solaris, FreeBSD, etc.. as host, Mac OS X missing the call as a guest.

It also includes a remote access via HTTP protocol, convenient for demonstrations on a clean system. The ability to manage multiple states of the system is particularly interesting and its interface is very simple.

Virtualization solutions allow installing an operating system on a virtual machine using the resources of the host PC , thus enjoying very good performance. In the genre, several solutions are known for their ease of use, such as VMware Workstation , Parallels Desktop or Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1.

A virtual machine is a useful way to use two operating systems simultaneously and harmless to the host computer. There is the possibility to install Linux on a virtual machine on Windows and vice versa .

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17 Oct 2018
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This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
VMM: fixed task switches triggered by INTn instruction.
Storage: fixed connecting to certain iSCSI targets.
Storage: fixed handling of flush requests when configured to be ignored when the host I/O cache is used.
Drag and drop: implemented support for UNC paths.
Drag and drop: fixed resuming operation when restoring from a saved state.
Drag and drop: fixed copying files with long file names (> 248 characters) from guests to Windows hosts.
Drag and drop: fixed handling files with Unicode names on Windows guests.
Drag and drop: fixed copying empty (0-byte) files to / from guests.
Drag and drop: fixed copying over files from hosts to Linux guests.
Networking: restore connectivity for guests bridged to host adapters that were unavailable temporarily.
Guest Control: fixed hang when using --wait-stdout and/or --wait-stderr. Needs updating Guest Additions.
Video recording: fixed starting video recording on VM power up.
Linux Additions: various build fixes for kernel modules on recent distributions, and made sure modules end up in initramfs files.
Linux Additions: build fixes for 4.19, thank you Larry Finger.
Linux Additions: various small fixes for video driver.


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