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Share and download shared documents with ease using all the interesting options that Vuze offers.

Vuze is a platform using the Peer-to-Peer BitTorrent protocol to distribute videos of all kinds. Via an intuitive design interface, this application offers a download service trailers, clips, podcasts, documentaries, etc and a search engine to quickly find the desired documents.

If a user shares some interesting files, it is possible to subscribe to be informed of new shares. Vuze reports when a new file is available avoiding, this way, repeated or recurrent search.

The download is fast because user can make several download at once. The order of priority in the downloads is also configurable.

Some of the proposed documents are available in High Definition, and can reach lengths ranging from 5 to over 45 minutes. User can also stream his personal media files on any BitTorrent client, or only to his friends.

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Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Open Source
Date Added:
03 Jun 2015
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# New Features:
- UI | New 'tagging' subview to allow easy download/tag assignment
- UI | Many sidebar views can now be 'popped out' into a separate window
- UI | Show discovered tags when adding torrents
- UI | Support escaped unicode character entry in chat UI via \unnnn
- UI | New tag settings view in Tags Overview panel
- UI | Brought back client byte stats and added per-network stats
- UI | Support for viewing downloads as local websites in web browser -
- UI | Ability to completely disable use of the embedded browser in Vuze
- UI | Added 'torrent last active' column
- UI | Additional option to edit multiple download's trackers in a single operation
- UI | Help menu option to import/export config files (etc) from bencoded <-> json format
- Core | Option to delete original .torrent files after addition
- Core | Automatically unzip torrents that happen to have been saved in compressed format
- Core | 'action on tag assignment' to support auto removal of peers
- Core | Per-peer up/down rate limiting on peer set assignment
- Core | Archival of downloads -
# Changes:
- UI | Torrent hash now shown in torrent options info view
- UI | Subscriptions ca now be shown in the classic UI
- UI | More consistently handle 'do not download' file sizes when showing size/percent done/remaining
- UI | Automatic closure of torrent download window when automatically invoked
- UI | Current version of components is now shown in update prompt
- UI | Latest 'private torrent' state now persisted across create-torrent operations
- Core | Treat protocol-relative URL's in RSS feeds as http://
- Core | Changes to a download's networks are now applied directly
# Corrected bugs:
- UI | Fix 'reset columns' not resetting all colums
- UI | Fix fancy menu bounds calculation to ensure correct visibility
- UI | Creation date in torrent options dialog was incorerctly formatted
- UI | Use updated trackers in open-torrent-options availability checker
- Core | Fix config corruption with non-ascii chat options
- Core | Fix edge case bug with swarm merging
- Core | Webseed rate limits weren't always being applied correctly
- Core | Removed small window when rate limits weren't being applied correctly
- Core | Incorrect tags were being included when getting existing download tags
- Core | Handle 301/302 redirects from trackers when binding to explicit IPs
- Core | Handle UPnP device URLs that don't have final /
- Core | Decode torrents with missing announce-urls correctly
- Core | Unlimited per-torrent connections not being enforced correctly


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