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Creating, modifying, converting or even exporting desktop icons is a child play with Axialis IconWorkshop.

Axialis IconWorkshop is a tool designed to allow user to work with his desktop icons.

With this application user can create, convert and even export Windows icons with just a few clicks. As a tool, it has an editor in which user have drawing tools such as inclinations (vertical, horizontal, radial), lines, rectangles, ellipses, text insertion, mirror, rotate, cut / copy / paste from the clipboard (with options for conversion scales and conversion to color), replacement of color, 3D buttons, many brushes and pin 16 actions to undo / redo, many filters, image adjustments, shadows and others that can be used to create new icons from scratch, modify or import existing images and convert them to icons.

The intuitive interface allows to store and organize these icons in an easy manner.

Axialis IconWorkshop provides support for adding a plugin for creating impressive to icons using Photoshop.

This software creates all kinds of icons: 16x16, 72x72, personal size, black and white up to 16.8 million colors.

Axialis IconWorkshop 6.60
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Commercial Demo
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08 Jun 2011
Axialis Software
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# Loads New Image File Formats - Now loads several new image formats. Permits edition of image files and creation of icons from the following new formats:
* Camera RAW Images (*.CRW;*.NEF;*.RAF;*.ORF;*.MRW;*.DCR;*.MOS;*.RAW;*.PEF;*.DNG...)
* Dr. Halo CUT Images (*.CUT)
* DirectDraw Surface Bitmaps (*.DDS)
* Raw Fax G3 Images (*.G3)
* Radiance HDR Images (*.HDR)
* Koala Images (*.KOA)
* MNG Animated Images (*.MNG)
* Portable Float Map Images (*.PFM)
* Portable Bitmaps (*.PNM;*.PBM;*.PPM;*.PGM)
* Silicon Graphics Images (*.SGI)
* Sun RAS Images (*.RAS)
* Wireless Bitmaps (*.WBMP;*.WAP;*.WBM)
* X-Bitmap Images (*.XBM)
* XPixMap Images (*.XPM)

# Saves/Exports to New Image File Formats - Now exports/saves images to the following additional file formats:
* Radiance HDR Images (*.HDR)
* Portable Float Map Images (*.PFM)
* Portable Bitmaps (*.PNM;*.PBM;*.PPM;*.PGM)
* Targa Images (*.TGA)
* Wireless Bitmaps (*.WBMP;*.WAP;*.WBM)
* XPixMap Images (*.XPM).

# Exports all the formats of an Icon - Now export all the image formats included in an icon in several separate files (13 formats supported).

# Various enhancements and bug fixes


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