Launchy 2.1.1

Josh Karlin - (Open Source)

Save time when launching application with Launchy, which allows to run them only by using the keyboard.

Launchy is nevertheless an excellent tool that allows user to launch an application or a file without several minutes to quickly search for a folder or start menu.

Nevertheless, this little tool is very pleasant to use just by using the keyboard, without needing any menu or icon, only by simply simultaneously press Alt + Spacebar and then enter the name of the application, document, folder, or favorite to open.

The application also supports shortcuts to folders or even to features of the control panel or start menu. However, user must enter the English word to access it (example: " reboot" to restart or "display" for display properties). The interface is nice and transparent and can be customized with different skins.
Launchy window remains invisible as long as you do not call. The time saving is very significant.

Launchy 2.1.1
File Size:
3.9 MB
Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Open Source
Date Added:
28 Jul 2008
Josh Karlin
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" Added Linux support! (KDE and Gnome both work, possibly others)
" Added Google Calculator plugin (gcalc)
" Added configurable default search to weby (all searches with no results default to google)
" '/' and '' now tab complete while file browsing
" Added rescue mode to recover lost windows or forgotten hotkeys (in Linux run 'launchy rescue' or use the start menu in windows)
" Minimum transparency set to 15%
" Searches are even faster and the catalog uses slightly less memory
" Bug Fixes:
o 2.11 fixes an upgrade check bug found in 2.1
o Fixed the database update timer
o Fixed centering problem when multiple monitors in use
o Fixed the url encoding problem, e.g. googling for 'c#' now works


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