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Origin is an intuitive and functional download client that eases game downloading.

Origin is a distribution platform for online games offered by Electronic Arts.

This program is a utility for downloading games on the site of the same name. It allows to buy and download games of users choice in a fast and simple way. To do this, Origin requires only one condition: be a member of the platform by creating an account.

Origin provides direct access to the online store to the games already acquired by the player and on any PC. EA catalog has a clear, friendly and neat interface. For games already purchased user can re- download and reinstall if necessary.

Electronic Arts does not forget the social aspect to share his experience playing with his friends outside or in the (in- game) game.

What makes this more handy utility that using a CD or DVD is that it eliminates common concerns relating to removable devices such as scratches, discs and other disused. User will not have problems or updates or losses serial numbers since they will be stored in his Origin account.

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218.8 MB
Windows (All Versions)
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05 Jun 2018
Electronic Arts Inc
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Do you have DLC hanging around on your wishlist that shouldn't still be there? And did you only find out about it because friends told you that they can see it but can't gift it to you? Were you deeply confused? Not gonna' lie, we were too, so we spent some time investigating and fixing this weird little bug and now the DLC you already own won't be cluttering up your wishlist anymore.
We noticed that extra content in the download queue just kept right on downloading even after the base game had been uninstalled. We admired their never-say-die attitude, but this was going a bit too far. From now on if you uninstall a game the DLC downloads are canceled immediately.
Mac users who've tried to install the client recently have spoken of a restless spirit lingering on their screens. This helper tool "Permission Required" pop-up stubbornly refused all attempts to dismiss it. Luckily, we've reworked the summoning spell on that particular apparition so now instead of haunting your screen for all eternity, it can be banished with the simple click of a button.


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