Nexus 20.10

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Get more speed when working using the fully customizable and pleasant software named Nexus.

Nexus is a multi module and multi functions software designed to offer more speed to the user when using programs.

This application launcher includes the programs and documents that users wants to access more quickly. It also facilitates access to the "Start" menu in Windows, the Web browser to the basket as well as several system commands (stop and restart Windows ejection device, task manager, etc..). In addition, Nexus Dock is fully customizable (dock position, opacity level, choice of theme, effects, sounds, etc.) and offers various modules that will prove very useful in everyday life: clock, weather, screen capture, Internet shortcuts, etc.

Fully customizable, its use is pleasant and more childlike. Like all programs of its kind , will host the application shortcuts and folders of users choice using a bar fully customizable. To fill, user only have to specify the path of software or simply drag the shortcut. In addition to some sound themes, user will have several default 3D skins. Most lovers can also download and import many creations from the sites listed on the website of the publisher.

Nexus 20.10
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37.7 MB
Windows 8.1,Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows 11,Windows 10,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 2000
Date Added:
25 Nov 2021
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