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Origin is an intuitive and functional download client that eases game downloading.

Origin is a distribution platform for online games offered by Electronic Arts.

This program is a utility for downloading games on the site of the same name. It allows to buy and download games of users choice in a fast and simple way. To do this, Origin requires only one condition: be a member of the platform by creating an account.

Origin provides direct access to the online store to the games already acquired by the player and on any PC. EA catalog has a clear, friendly and neat interface. For games already purchased user can re- download and reinstall if necessary.

Electronic Arts does not forget the social aspect to share his experience playing with his friends outside or in the (in- game) game.

What makes this more handy utility that using a CD or DVD is that it eliminates common concerns relating to removable devices such as scratches, discs and other disused. User will not have problems or updates or losses serial numbers since they will be stored in his Origin account.

File Size:
218.9 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
23 Aug 2018
Electronic Arts Inc
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We guess our linebackers got a little carried away but, dont worry, the refs threw a flag so now nothings blocking your Play First Trial of Madden NFL 19.
Our cornerbacks caught and squashed a bug that was showing incorrect upgrade messaging.
We discovered and flattened a new species of insect, Refugium Decipio Aranea, that was putting out incorrect refund messaging.
We said da svidania to some bugs causing issues with how Russian prices would display on Origin.com.
It turns out that jittery feeling we got from launching Premier wasnt just from us being excited; so we shook out digital ants from our proverbial pants.
Our last cleanup left behind some icky, sticky, pulpy bug goo that prevented purchasing here and there, but we got some really good squeegees and cleaned up everything.
We found some weird, six-legged beetle looking things that loved to chew on Tiberium pages causing them to 404. We did some fumigating and theyre gone now. Whoopie!
Some ants got into our TOS links and moved a few characters around causing them to load incorrectly. After writing an angry letter to their queen the drones put things back and everything is working fine.
The Cloud Sync conflict error message had a little too much coffee causing it to overzealously pop up for some games. Dont worry, we gave it a chill pill and now its working as it needs to.
Our engineers rubbed a magic lamp and asked a genie to nix some bugs preventing users from removing things from their wishlist.
We sprayed some pesticide on some creepy crawlies that made it hard to bundle titles here and there. Now you should be able to add bundled title purchases without any problems.
Our boots are super slimy after squashing a bunch of bugs that removed Premier specific Vault games from the Vault list.
We saw you were having trouble viewing your library after adding a Play First Trial and trying to see it in your collection. We found, caged and sent the insectoid culprit up river.
We called in a raid on all those bugs who crashed your Origin Access Premier party to better your good times.


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