WindowBlinds 6.0

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WindowBlinds helps the air of the old Windows by improving its look and feel to make it more enjoyable.

WindowBlinds is a manager of visual themes (skins) for Windows.

Beyond the classic Windows graphic themes, WindowBlinds can radically change the user interface.

It allows user to decide the appearance of Windows. It changes the style of title bars, scrollbars, buttons, and other graphics all parts of thecomputer. WindowBlinds integrates office and allows total control over the GUI. Several predefined themes are available but user can create his own skins with SkinEditor.

The software comes with a set of skins that allow you to change the appearance of Windows with a single click. New styles are added regularly and it is possible to download from the publisher's website.

WindowBlinds 6.0
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17.6 MB
Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Date Added:
02 Oct 2007
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- Animation Overlays - The Start Menu now supports animation on both Windows XP and Vista
- The new Molten skin has been included with the BETA to show off this "hot" new feature.
- Blur Glass Effects - WindowBlinds now has Blur support in title bars in Windows XP (additionally on the menus on Windows Vista)
- User Created Sub-styles - Edit the system colors/fonts and save all skin changes as presets giving the user the ability to customize their skins beyond what's initially offered as a skin in the software. It gives greater user control over what the user interface will look like.
- Full Font Control - New to WB6 is enhanced font features: Users can now change the size and font style they see in menus, tabs and toolbars.
- Skinning of Explorer Backgrounds - Support for explorer background bitmaps including IE navigation arrows, IE tabs, start menu shutdown/lock buttons
- WindowBlinds now has category filtering when viewing skins to apply. Users with many skins can now filter by the category assigned to the skin (for example Holiday, OS, Computers, Sports, etc.)
- Wallpaper can now be filtered by tags (keywords) such as Light/Dark, Animals, Plants, etc.) Allowing the user to quickly find wallpaper that will match their chosen skin.
- Support for a random skin selection when applying a new skin.
- Users can now recolor a skin and save that setting on a per skin basis. (For example changing blues to reds.)
- In addition, WindowBlinds now supports "Advanced HSL Coloring". Users can choose a single color to change instead re-coloring the entire skin
- A Vista-izeTM me function which sets some defaults to have a more Vista-like look
- Explorer background bitmaps can now be included as part of the skin,
- Edit the system colors from WindowBlinds
- Change skin fonts from WindowBlinds
- Control transparency and blur on start menu, menus, taskbar & window frames. Has some limitations on XP.
- Save all skin changes as presets
- Edit a sidebar skin from within WindowBlinds
- Alter the mouse over animation speed
- Alter the default button pulsing speed
- Handle skin upgrades in an improved fashion
- Use the Aero frames with the rest of the skin


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