Alt-Tab Thingy 3.3.1 Beta

Nymithium Technologies - (Freeware)

With its unique options, Alt-Tab Thingy is a great software that helps to switch fast between applications.

Alt-Tab Thingy allows user to juggle his many applications and open with the simple combination of Alt and Tab keys windows. The program interface displays a thumbnail of the selected item and user just needs to validate the actual display of the program by typing the Enter key. Many customization tools are available such as the appearance of the name of the window and, especially, a preview of this one, to navigate more easily.

It also has the ability to scroll windows with the mouse wheel, in addition to repeatedly pressing Tab.

Alt -Tab Thingy offers many tips to include move a window by clicking anywhere in this one, display a window to the foreground and transparency, establishing a blacklist applications that you do not want to appear in the list of windows or minimize or close some windows after a certain period of inactivity.

Alt-Tab Thingy 3.3.1 Beta
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Windows XP / XP64
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01 Jun 2006
Nymithium Technologies
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- Added Blacklist feature. Removes applications from the task preview
(right-click on them to enable.
- Added Alternate Hotkey. Access ATT with an alternate "Alt+Key"
combination, without altering the standard Windows Alt-Tab function -
use both at the same time!
- Added Taskbar Previews. When you hover the mouse over a taskbar, you
will see previews for open windows above the taskbar.

- Fixed settings to be in native WIN32 code. The new settings is a
control panel applet, and is written entirely in C++. There should be no
further problems running the settings, as the only dependency on ATT3.4.0 settings is that you are running Win XP!


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